5 thoughts on “Where to buy dogs in Hangzhou is more formal? Can I buy it with confidence?”

  1. Hangzhou's farmers' market in the urban -rural junction has a pet buying and selling trading market. If you want to buy a rest assured pet dog. You can buy directly at the farmers' home. Buying this is more assured.

  2. Friends, I want me to say, if you do n’t understand the dog, it ’s easier to be pitted when you go to a regular place, and it is easy to buy high -priced dogs. I used to live in Hangzhou for a while. At that time, I bought a teddy. Because I didn't understand the dog, I bought a Teddy for 2400 yuan. Occasionally a chance later, my aunt watched a video for me, named: Hangzhou low -cost pet tutorial. After watching the video given me by my aunt, I only knew that my teddy was actually only about 800 yuan, and it took 1600 yuan to spend more than 1,600 yuan. It's too pit. If you want to buy a dog in Hangzhou, you must watch this video. So as you spend like me, you spend 2,400 yuan to buy dogs worth 800 yuan. I hope my suggestion can help you.

  3. Well, in Hangzhou, you can go to the previous one that can be like the veterinary pharmacies. For example, it can be sold in that pet.

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