1 thought on “What is the relationship between XWindows system and KDE or GNOME?”

  1. KDE and GNOME are both in the desktop environment, and the libraries are different. He can be KDE, gnome can also be XFCE. Essence Essence Essence
    kde QT library, but the QT library is not free, there will be some problems with QT -based software copyrights. So some people developed GNOME, using the GTK library. This library does not have the problem of the QT library in copyright.
    (Qt library and GTK library are equivalent to the MFC library under Windows)

    The tabletop with different versions of the same Linux, you can try it, you can feel the KDE and GNOME's of GNOME Different.
    For example, Ubuntu is GNOME desktop, Kubuntu is KDE desktop

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