1 thought on “What are the recommendations of the desktop environment except GNOME and KDE?”

  1. In the past, GNOME 2. Low.x and KDE 3.x

    At the time, the two major desktop environments had their own implementation methods except the two major desktop environment. Putting aside the underlying development library GTK
    and QT is not counted. In terms of sound service, GNOME uses ESD, KDE uses arts, virtual file system, GNOME uses GNOME-VFS, KDE uses KIO, etc.
    et al..

    The current gnome 2.high.x and KDE 4

    and then in 2008, KDE 4 was released, GNOME 2.x high version It has also introduced new features to remove the old characteristics, and the two major desktop environments have become more and more.

    The uniform SYSTRAY (notification area icon mechanism), SCIM input method framework, font configuration tool, D-BUS application communication mechanism, Poppler PDF document rendering library, GSTREAMER multimedia framework, sound service, etc.

    The two major desktop environments jointly use so many related technologies, which greatly enhances compatibility and interoperability between each other.

    . Finally, the focus of this Guademy conference, the two major desktop environments, to make further technical sharing in which areas should be reached to a higher level: the future Linux desktop ring r
    , regardless of gnome and kde, all the differences are just what development libraries do applications use (GTK or Qt). All the characteristics related to the desktop are uniform. What the user cares about is only
    is to choose your favorite application and customize the desktop environment into what you want!

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