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  1. The conference battle starts: to apply for a meeting battle (as the head of the guild) to apply for the meeting (as the leader of the guild) ---- Apply for the meeting battle in President Jia ---- The fake person will automatically go to the League Chung City Pharmacy in the guild Previous concentration ----- President Jia (in front of the grocery store) of the city of League of Hezhong City to start a war ----- to terminate the battle at President Jia (in front of the grocery store).
    Note: Because the king does not allow it, it can only be the player's guild to fight with another. Players please prepare for the guild members or teams to go to

  2. Players can choose the war input bank name in the guild information to conduct guild war. Step 1: President of the Guild click on the "Guild Information" button on the operating interface, pop up the conference interface

    Step 2: Select the "War" button at the bottom right of the conference interface, and pop up the dialogue Fill in the name of the opponent's guild in the box

    In Step 3: Then the conference war is launched, and the guild between the two parties enter the battle status. If it is siege

  3. If you do n’t understand upstairs, you will close your mouth. Don't mislead others

    The president of the line to find the king of the Qiqi Palace. The battle of Zuma is required for the battle.

  4. In the guild war, there are many skills of the mage in the legendary game. It is also very important to use it well. For example, the skills of magic shields need not be said. The most important thing for legendary gamers is to release the firewall. If players do not know, the fire wall can play a lot of role. The soldiers in the game must have sufficient time and patience, so the warrior profession is obviously more difficult to cultivate. If the union wants to dominate this map, the above points must be achieved. If the guild wants to become strong, it must continue to occupy new maps.

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