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  1. VB's abbreviation of Visual Basic is a visual programming language.
    VB's predecessor is BASIC (full name is "Plaenor General Symbol Instruction Code", which is a high -end computer language internationally).
    In the development and improvement of Microsoft on the basis of it, becoming a structured and high -level programming language that can be supported by the WONDOWS operating system that can be supported by the WONDOWS operating system.
    VB has also appeared since development. Now the latest version is VB2010, but the most used now is VB6.0.

  2. VB is a programming language software. There are VB6 and VB. The names are similar, and the difference is relatively large.

  3. The full name is Visual Basic, which is literally translated as a visual basis. Is a design software for a language program! The test scope of the national second -level computer!

  4. VB is vitamin B, huh, a joke. Visual Basic is a sublimation of B language. Learning this in college is mostly level 2 level 2

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