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  1. There are many delicious things in the night market in Taiwan:
    In the night market, don't forget to eat Taipa fried/ Taipa noodle noodles/ baking black wheels/ pearl milk tea .....
    Selling cosmetics, clothes, bags and shoes are the most popular products
    It can consume one night when you visit these small shops !! Everyday business starts to do business at about 4 pm every day!
    place-> Shilin Night Market-Wenlin Road, Anping Street, Dadong Road
    The most famous-> Big Cake Packing cakes, beancurds, dried beans, honey bean ice, papaya milk, Guangdong porridge, fried flower branches, flower branches, knife noodles, pork liver soup, taizi fried, medicine stewed pork rib noodles, beef soup, beanflower, small, small Baobao, knife noodles, mango ice !!
    ___ Talk about Shilin Night Market: ___ 1 Shilin Night Market is one of the famous night markets in Taipei City. As a result, Dadong Road and Danan Road are counted as the scope of Shilin Night Market. Due to the vast area, the types of items sold well, all kinds of snacks and foods are available, coupled with cheap, high -quality, vulgar and large bowls, a large number of people come to the people every night. The degree of welcome is generally visible. People who come to the night market are nothing more than two goals -food and shopping, and Shilin Night Market is worthy of the way because of geographical relationships and some places nearby. Therefore, we are also outside of food and shopping. After adding fun, I hope you will be played through! ___2 Shopping Articles -Several schools and students near Shilin Night Market are one of the main customer bases. Therefore, there are many types of items sold at night markets and are cheap. There is everything. Because there are quite a lot of shops of the same nature, as long as you keep in mind the principle of "goods are not suffering than three houses", you will definitely make you spend less money and buy a lot of good goods! The clothes, shoes, and accessories sold here are the most popular styles. If you want to use the lowest price to make the beauty you dressed, it is right to take care of the Shilin Night Market. In addition, in response to the clothes to be prepared in the seasonal changes, you can buy it at a time, such as a must -have coat, trench coat in winter, as well as scarves, wool socks, hairs, boots, etc. You can buy it here and have a variety of styles to choose from. If you think that you can only have the fun of walking around the roadside stall at the Shilin Night Market, it is too unknown to the situation. There are several popular products centers in Shilin Night Market, which is a store for seasonal products. Essence For example, the ESPRIT season is opposite the gas station on the Wenlin Road. The half of the space on the first floor sells Red Earth cosmetics, while the first half of the first floor and the entire second floor are full of clothes, bags, shoes and some on the season. Accessories and species of goods are quite complete. The goods of the previous season were sold at 3.5 % off at the original price, while the previous season's products were a single special price from 50 yuan. The best thing is that all clothes can be tried on. Patients can often be dug to treasure! In addition, the "Motmanton" on the Wenlin Road sells sports products. Various brand -name sports shoes and sportswear can be bought with very low discounts. Those who like to buy shoes may wish to go here to see. Then there are special stores of brands such as Baleno and BOSSINI, usually a special price below 50 % off the market price. Come here to buy some clothes that will not be refunded, and you can pick up a lot of cheap. In fact, in addition to a few uninchant centers, the Shilin Night Market stores in order to attract customers in fierce competition, the price of items will be lower than that of ordinary stores. Among them, sports shoes and CDs, etc. Obviously, a few more people will have a satisfactory price. ___3 In addition to shopping and food, there are cinemas, playgrounds and KTVs in Shilin Night Market, so that you have a variety of different ways to play when visiting the night market. On the left and right sides of the Rihe Road on Keihe Road, there are space roaming non -gravity simulators and virtual reality simulation machines on each side. If you spend 100 yuan, you can play the latest technology. Pleasant. And if you have not yet opened the night market, you can go to the "Ocean Life Museum" on Keihe Road to see it, and it is another kind of harvest. After visiting the night market, after eating and drinking, you can also go to Yangming Mountain to see the night view and wash the hot springs; go to the Yuanshan bowling stand to play; Place a perfect period for the night market journey! ___ Shilin's most famous snacks: 1 Aunty Chicken Volume Crowd Multi-flavored
    Slinji River Road Metropolitan Gate
    Opening hours 18: 30-1: 00

    2 Daxi Shacha Louwei also sells Daxi famous flavor
    Slin Dadong Road No. 11-3
    usually 17: 30-24: 30 r
    Holiday 17: 00-01: 00
    The on Tuesday

    3 Famous cool noodles in the hometown are worthy of taste
    49 Shilin Dannan Road
    02-2883 -8021
    Opening hours 16: 00-24: 30
    Monday public off
    4 Da Shanghai raw frying juice is delicious
    Slinwenlin Road 101 Lane Estuary Exit
    weekdays 15: 00-24: 00
    Holiday 15: 00-01: 00

    5 Sixth-dimensional cakes are delicious but eaten r
    Lane 101 of Shilin Wensin Road
    usually 17: 00-24: 00
    Holiday 16: 00-01: 00
    n6 uncle vince Mexico Luo needs to queue up to eat early to Luo
    The front of Shilin Temple
    Opening hours 18: 30-24: 00

    7 Shilin is hot and delicious, but it can only be eaten very late. The gourmet food is guilty
    Ilin No. 16
    Zuo Dongnu's market to collect stalls the night before the market -04: 30
    8 City Shilin Gongzhong Stall 431

    9 Dongshan duck head is a delicious price height
    It Taipei City, Taipei City No. 3-1
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n10 Guojia onion oil cake is delicious egg flavor is better
    . in front of Yangming Theater, Shilin District, Taipei City

    11 honey chicken steak is delicious It's not very preferred
    This in front of Yangming Theater, Shilin District, Taipei City

    12 Haiyou Shiquan Stewed Pyramida Big Tibetan Personal Personal Personal taste
    49 of Shilin Dadong Road

    13 Wujia crab soup is delicious soup. Good oil rice is also delicious
    Thennamed Lane 101, Taipei City
    n14 Xinfanting ice shop is delicious and dense worthy to taste
    No. 1, Anping Street, Shilin District, Taipei City

    15 Wang Ji frog egg pearl qq people who love to taste Luo
    Wenlin, Taipei City Lane 101 Lane

    16 Ahui noodle lines are different because of people. Next to the family convenience store on the left side of the door
    02- 28116294

  2. The eight big snacks that are indispensable for Shilin Night Market
    1: Large intestine bags: Use glutinous rice sausage to fry until the golden middle incision is sandwiched into the small sausage. , Taste is almost
    Price: about 50 Taiwan dollars
    2: Big cake bags and small cakes: wrap small crisp cakes in the large skin, the filling is divided into two kinds of sweet and salty, sweet bean paste, taro, jujube mud Wait, the salty ones include peanuts, curry, etc. There are many varieties, unique flavors
    Recommended stores: Shilin Night Market Stalls Signboard with the word "Laoslin" three words
    Price: about 35 Taiwan dollars
    3: frog eggs: because of its cooking After cooked, the center will show a little bit, and it looks like a frog egg. In fact, the frog eggs are the same as the powder circle. Mixing lemon love jade jelly, it tastes smooth and tender
    Recommended stores: Shilin Night Market Witch Ji Frog Egg n n4: Raw fried flower branches: flower branches, bamboo shoots, and carrots are placed together and fry them together, thicken into soup, and seasoned with vinegar and sugar. Fresh and refreshing fried dishes and sweet and sour soup, very wonderful mix
    Recommended stores: Shilin Night Market Zhongcheng Old Store
    Price: about 60 Taiwan dollars
    5: Dai Zi fried: fresh oysters: use fresh oysters: use fresh oysters , Mix the vegetables and eggs, add starch, and finally fry it. It is extremely delicious and overflows with the fragrance.
    Recommended stores: Shilin Night Market Zhongcheng Old Store
    Price: about 50 Taiwan dollars
    6: Haowa Chicken Steak: This may be the most familiar Taiwanese food in mainland China, and the big chicken chopstick The origin of the Shilin Night Market. After the fried chicken chop is larger than the face, the words "Hou Da Chicken Volleyball Team" are very eye -catching. At the entrance of the night market
    Price: about 55 Taiwan dollars
    7: Shilin big sausage: The secret of delicious food is to use fresh pork, but also the uniform ratio of sausages and thinness. Duck fat, so that the sausage will be bitten with gravy, it will not dry
    This Recommended store: Shilin Night Market, 38 -year history of Shengji
    Price: about 60 Taiwan dollars
    8: 10 Pork rib soup: The taste of Chinese medicine is not very heavy when the pork rib soup is drinking. The soup is refreshing and not greasy. There are quite a lot of pork ribs. It should be more suitable in autumn and winter.

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