Are there any restrictions on the company's buying and selling Beijing real estate? What materials are needed?

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  1. Mainland companies are not restricted to buying houses in Beijing, but it takes 3 years or more to be available for sale. When it is listed and sold, the company's business license is needed during the existence period. According to the different situations of signing, tax payment, etc., the information required is also different. The following introduces it.
    . What are the restrictions on the company's buying a house?
    It according to Beijing's purchase restriction policy, the company has the following restrictions on buying housing in Beijing.
    (1) Mainland companies: buying houses in Beijing is not limited and does not require qualifications (except for government companies with Hong Kong or without business licenses).
    (2) Overseas institutions set up branches and representative agencies in Beijing (except for enterprises engaged in real estate): only non -residential houses needed to purchase offices in cities, except for laws and regulations.
    (3) Individual industrial and commercial households: 5 consecutive years (inclusive) to pay individual industrial and commercial household taxes in this city, limited to one set of housing (including new commercial housing and second -hand housing), only operators (or family members ) Equity certificate.
    The attention should be noted that houses owned by enterprises, for self -use or rental houses, must pay the real estate tax each year, and pay twice the annual tax amount.

    . What are the restrictions on the company's house selling?
    If it is a commercial housing of corporate property rights, it takes 3 years or more to be available for sale. When selling, the company's business license should be during the existence period.
    1. It takes 3 years to trade
    On March 17, 2017, the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Committee issued the "Notice on Improving the Sales and Differential Credit Policy of Commodity Housing and Differential Credit" (Beijing Construction Law [2017] No. 3), requiring Beijing to be listed on the market again on March 18th from March 18. It takes 3 years and above. If the transaction object is an individual, it is implemented in accordance with the city's purchase restriction policy, that is, individuals need to have a house purchase in Beijing Qualification.
    2. The information that needs to be confirmed before listing
    (1) The company's business license or other registered registration documents in accordance with the law is in the case of existence and whether the business license can be revoked or canceled. Or go to the industrial and commercial administration and other departments to inquire.
    The example of the business of enterprise credit information disclosure system for enterprises:
    (2) Whether the company has other debts. If the company goes bankrupt, it needs to be repaid to pay off the debt before it can be sold.
    (3) If the houses that the company wants to sell is a state or collective property, the approval documents of the government authority are required, which is generally approved by the State -owned Assets Supervision Commission (state -owned property rights) or collective voting (collective property rights); it belongs to private ownership; Property requires the board of directors or the resolution of the shareholders' meeting.
    3 What materials do companies need to buy and sell real estate?
    The company must provide the following materials when signing and paying taxes for the company.
    1. What materials are needed when signing the contract?
    (1) The original copy of the business license and the copy of the copy (stamped with the official seal)
    (2) Copy copy of the organization code certificate (stamped with official seal)
    (3) Board resolution or shareholders The decision (agreed to sell or purchase the house)
    (4) The identity certificate of the legal representative
    (5) The original ID card of the legal representative
    (6) Regardless of whether there is an agent, whether They must hold the company's authorized attorney (signature of legal persons, and stamped with legal persons, official seal)
    (7) Original ID card of the agent
    (8) Company Articles of Association
    Note: Some companies have used a social unified credit code with business license numbers, organizational code, and tax registration certificates.
    2. What materials are needed when paying taxes?
    (1) Copy of tax registration certificate
    (2) Company official seal, legal person seal
    (3) Original real estate certificate
    (4) Invoice, the original deed tax ticket
    ( 5) The original property tax and land use tax payment certificate
    (6) Certificate of land value -added tax related to the land (there will be this bill after paying the land VAT)
    (7) The original contract of the Internet
    (8) Tax Registration Certificate
    In general, compared to individuals, the company's property rights' housing transaction signing and materials that need to be prepared are much more complicated.

    In data Source: "Notice on Further Regulating the Management of Overseas Institutions and Individual House Purchase"
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