1 thought on “Why is the "Dolphin Prince" Vitas detained?”

  1. Recently, Russian singer, "Dolphin Prince" Vitas was sentenced to 7 days for his charges of "mild rogue crimes" with a shot of a shot. It is reported that he fired in the Florence mansion area in his suburbs.
    Vartas acknowledged the crime in court, and the defense said that the shot was because "the crow quarreled with her daughter, and I drank a few more cups of vodka at the time." Regarding the court's judgment, Vitas acknowledged it very happy: "It does make a mistake, the court's penalty is completely fair." He said helplessly, "What can be signed anyway, what else."
    However, this is not the first time Vitas has been detained. As early as 2013, Vitas hit a bicycle while driving, causing injuries to a cycling woman. He then not only threatened the injured with a simulated pistol, but also abused and beat the police who rushed to the scene to solve the accident. At that time, the court filed a lawsuit against him on the crime of "using violence to the authorities representatives", and finally Vitas was sentenced to 100,000 rubles (about 20,000 yuan).

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