What are the advantages of RCO compared to Bitcoin?

What are the advantages of RCO compared to Bitcoin?

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  1. RCO is an electronic cash system for remote payment scenarios, a blockchain born for payment.
    Compared with Bitcoin, RCO has three advantages:
    1.Rco block capacity is 8m, and the Bitcoin block capacity is only 1m. The problem;
    2.Rco has an advanced and more forward -looking algorithm guarantee, is not attacked and controlled by large calculations, and has a strong anti -compact attack.
    3. Technically, RCO makes it more secure through the original dual spiral chain structure.
    The official website, you can take a look.

  2. Bitcoin Cash (BCC) English is Bitcoin Cash. It is a dot -pair -to -point encrypted electronic cash system. It is completely decentralized. There is no central bank or a trusted third -party operation. A new type of blockchain asset produced by hard forks.
    Although Bitcoin cash is still the same as Bitcoin's encrypted electronic cash system, bitcoin cash is deleted by SEGWIT, which cancels the limit of 1m size, and can support 8M blocks maximum. The size, insist on the expansion route on the chain.

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