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  1. If it is Ping An Bank, our bank currently supports Hong Kong dollars (HKD), USD (USD), euro (EUR), Jen (JPY), British pound (GBP), Australia (AUD), Swiss franc (CHF), Singapore Yuan (SGD) , Canadian dollar (CAD), New Zealand dollar and other currencies exchange.
    The limit and processing process:
    1, the annual total intraocular purchase of foreign exchange (equivalent per person per year): with my valid ID (excluding temporary ID card) The relatives are processed (provided the identity card, the proof of the relationship between the relatives and the authorized attorney).
    2. Instead of buying foreign exchange for total annual total amount: Individuals in the country with valid identity documents and the following non -operating proof materials are handled by bank outlets, or others are entrusted to handle (providing identity cards and authorized attorney to handle the two parties).

    This reminder: The above explanation is for reference only, no suggestions.
    The response time: 2021-03-12, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.
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  2. My question is very good to answer. As long as it is my own legal income, it can be exchanged directly to the People's Bank of China. Recently, the RMB appreciates, you can exchange a little more US dollars. 6.8 yuan for RMB to be exchanged for one dollar. Hope to adopt.

  3. How can ordinary people use RMB to exchange US dollars?
    The answer
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    The first step, log in to the online banking;

    The second step, choose to buy foreign exchange services; (not The foreign exchange of investment and wealth management)

    The third step, select foreign exchange cash; N fourth step, select the currency, fill in the amount, fill in the application form; (reason to read)

    The fifth step, the purchase of the account, confirm that the account balance already has foreign currency;

    Step 6, make an appointment online with the bank, and take it out to go out. (The branch is small, I am afraid that I will not prepare cash)

    . This is almost the case. There are 50,000 quota each year. Bank of China was measured and feasible. I bought more than 600 dollars before, and the counter salesperson did not care about why I only took $ 100. Other banks may have different steps and functions.

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