How do they make a profit from the teachers?

I have no advertisements after reading their website ?? !! Why can I make so hot? Send a message is also free !! I want to know their business model. If you know, tell it, thank you

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  1. 58 City, belongs to C2C classification information website

    . Overview of C2C e -commerce website
    (1) Definition
    B2B, B2C, C2C, etc. C2C is that the early EBAY was the prototype of the development of C2C e -commerce. The purpose of the website was to provide people with an electronic platform that unnecessary items were sold. Users display their items to be sold to the website with virtual e -shops. People who need to bid for bidding, those with the highest bid for the most time to get this item, pay the payment, and mail the items to complete the transaction. Although with the continuous development of e -commerce, the C2C e -commerce website has added one -price service, online mall, group purchase, etc. Some small merchant funds have also appeared to use the opportunity to make money to make money by website sales. It is mainly to provide the essence of the carrier of a network transaction for the buyers and sellers. Therefore, the author believes that the C2C e -commerce website is defined as: providing a online trading platform for both users (ordinary consumers or small businesses) to buy and sell, so that the seller can actively publish the provision of product information to be sold, and the buyer can buy their own intentions themselves. Commodities, and also include providing a series of supporting services for more convenience to carry out transactions.
    (2) Providing transaction information exchange platform
    C2C e -commerce is based on the traditional transaction to the virtual network and expanded the business field. The most basic services of various services provided by C2C e -commerce are to allow the detailed information of buying and selling dual -hair release and acquisition of goods, and provide information exchanges between the transactions to provide information exchanges. Specifically, the role of intermediary who plays traditional transactions. However, the release and acquisition methods of information can be more flexible and humanized. For example, buyers can add some pictures to promote their own products, and buyers can quickly search for information by classifying or entering keywords.
    (3) Provide a series of supporting services
    C2C e -commerce website on the basis of solving basic information exchange services, and also provides a series of supporting services that can ensure that online transactions can quickly achieve. After the transaction is completed, the problem of fund payment and item mail must be solved.
    The on Taobao as an example, the problem of capital flow, the current C2C e -commerce website has introduced an independent third -party payment platform (Alipay), which basically achieved safe electronic payment to improve the efficiency of online transactions and reduce payment risks. At the same time, in order to facilitate the buyers and sellers of the two parties, they also provide credit evaluation services, and in order to better meet the needs of users to provide convenient instant messaging and online communities such as a series of supporting services.
    (4) The number of users is large, and the identity is complicated and the transaction amount is small.
    At the end of June 2013, the scale of netizens in my country reached 591 million, and the Internet penetration rate was 44.1%. More and more people participated in the Internet. Among the shopping groups. For example, the C2C e -commerce website represented by is open to everyone, and it can become a user without any verification. The unprepared threshold restrictions of e -commerce C2C associate large -scale buyers and sellers. At the same time, the identity of the two parties is complicated, and the buying and selling characters often change. Some users only sell items they do not need, and at the same time, they purchase the items they need through the C2C website. Some of the individual operators are selling online sales while engaged in physical store operations. At the same time, although there are many users on C2C e -commerce websites, both parties to C2C participating in transactions are often the characteristics of ordinary consumers (individuals) that are doomed to trading characteristics' Ben Xiaoli Bo ", and the items they buy are often small. Therefore, compared with B2B batch purchases, the turnover of each transaction is relatively small, but most of the users also determine the batch of transactions.
    . Analysis of the factors of profit influencing factors of C2C e -commerce platforms
    The profit model is a method of maximizing the value of organizational value, profitable and user -oriented. The C2C e -commerce website also requires profit to ensure continued development. For the factors of its profitable influence, it can be analyzed from the following two aspects:
    (1) its own conditions
    C2C e -commerce website itself is the foundation of the profit model. The fundamental condition of profit. For the Chinese e -commerce website, which takes Taobao as an example, although the services and products provided are free, if there are no free products and services that can attract users, they will also make profits through advertising. It can be seen that products or services provided by C2C e -commerce websites itself are the key to affecting the profit model.
    (2) Environmental factors
    Simbing similar to enterprise entities, environmental factors will also affect the profit model of C2C e -commerce websites. The first is affected by the macro factors of the industry, including macroex factors such as politics, economy, and society. For example, if the state has a small monitoring of e -commerce website advertising, it can attract a lot of advertising merchants that cannot be published through the C2C e -commerce website through the C2C e -commerce website. Different economic levels in different regions, people's understanding of information technology also affects people's purchasing power and purchasing channels; secondly, Potter's five -force analysis models can be used, suppliers, users, competitors, and entering the industry where e -commerce websites are located. The alternatives also affect the C2C e -commerce website. Among them, users are most important for C2C e -commerce websites. Only the possibility of the website that attracts the user has the possibility of existence and development, and it also determines that the website attracts advertisers and has the possibility of profit. In addition, the easy model of information technology and the almost zero -zero conversion costs make the threat of competitors and alternatives also make the C2C e -commerce website facing huge survival pressure, which indirectly affects the profit model of the website. The C2C e -commerce platform can only explore the profit model carefully to avoid the appear on Taobao's launch of "recruiting wealth and entering treasure" to cause clients' resentment and resistance. Lost losses.
    three. my country's typical C2C e -commerce platform profit model analysis
    Taobao network was established in 2003. It was founded by Alibaba for the online retail personal trading online platform, accounting for about 80%of domestic online shopping The market share is the leader of my country's online shopping market. The coverage of goods and services has reached the level of "only did not expect, no available" level.
    Taobao is a service to provide the most basic trading platform. Allow sellers to open stores and send items information, buyers to find items information, and bid for purchase.
    also provided some supporting services for the entire value chain. Both buyers and sellers passed the "Taobao Wangwang" instant messaging, and the capital flow through the provision of credit guarantee Alipay services for security online payment, and finally provided a system for credit evaluation of the two parties to buy and seller. The relationship between Taobao and Alibaba is also worthy of attention. Taobao is the product of Alibaba's profitability. There is no pressure to make money, but from the "free three years" on the birth day to Tencent to respond to competitors without continuing the free policy, which leads to Taobao. The number of registered users, turnover, market share, and online shopping penetration are all "bosses" of the C2C platform, but so far, Taobao website has not been able to achieve profitability. However, Taobao has also begun to explore profitable attempts. The more famous one is the value -added service of "recruiting money" charged by the website providing promotion services to sellers. It is a reference to the "bidding ranking" profit method of search engines. However, due to the inappropriate launch time and free measures for competitors to plunder user interference, which triggered a large number of Taobao users' resistance, which caused the product to remove the product in a short period of time.
    Maipao website is very cautious about charging behavior. At present, there are consumer protection, Taobao Wangpu, SMS notification, wireless value -added business, Taobao B2C mall, and mobile phone Taobao, shopping carts, babies legend and other services launched in the later period. It is a free mode. But the biggest influence is the Yu'ebao service from 2013.
    although the Yu'ebao Fund service faces many disputes, due to the high yield, it has attracted customers' huge capital flow to Yu'ebao. Taobao has obtained high profits by relying on funds and capital operations. It is the most successful case of Taobao's profit model exploration in recent years.
    . The profit model of my country's C2C e -commerce website
    (1) Income source
    The key to the C2C e -commerce website is Use the corresponding costs to users who enjoy the value provided to make profits. Users who enjoy the basic service of the website collect the transaction fees that include transaction platform login fees, similar to intermediary fees, virtual store lease fees and special value -added functional fees. It can be led by and other C2C websites to form a tacit understanding. It agreed to charge at the same time, which will not affect their respective market share. Together, the current unified situation of the current website of C2C e -commerce. On the other hand, we can consider website users and those potential needs for satisfaction. For example, in the face of increasingly rich commodity types, can you use the profit model of the search engine bidding ranking to collect a certain amount of costs in front of the corresponding search results list by charging a certain cost. Although the "recruiting money into the treasure" model has failed, there are still some sellers and support. Whether it can find a balance point for supporting and opponents, it will not damage the resistance of those sellers who do not want to pay. You can refer to Google's approach to divide the pages of the search results into left and right columns. The original search results list is placed on the left to protect the interests of sellers and buyers who resist paid. The seller who is willing to pay on the right can pay the "bidding fee" and put their own items in the search similar to the "sponsors" search.
    (2) Charging strategy
    The premise of achieving profitability must be charges, especially the problem of how to charge for how to charge fees during the charging stage from the stage of free service to the service stage of my country's C2C e -commerce website. The problem. In this regard, you can learn from Tencent's charging strategy and adjust and improve the characteristics of my country's C2C e -commerce website countries.
    The free model of Taobao has gained the absolute advantage of the online market to prevent users from flowing to competitors. While ensuring free basic service functions, it is launched. The entertainment form of value -added needs adopt a charging strategy. Therefore, Taobao and other C2C websites can launch strategies such as value -added services such as potential features, bidding rankings, and store promotion for some users with special needs.
    (3) Logistics strategy
    The item mailing after payment is really marked the substantial completion of online transactions. Therefore, logistics is a necessary link for e -commerce. The rapid development of e -commerce brings rich profits to logistics companies. Due to the small transaction amount of C2C e -commerce websites and the characteristics of many batches, mailing costs often account for a large proportion of payment. In this high -frequency transaction, the profit of logistics companies is often higher than the seller. The transaction scale of the C2C websites of hundreds of billions of dollars per year will bring huge profits to logistics companies. Therefore, logistics services can be used as one of the supporting services provided by C2C websites. While improving the value chain to provide customers, their own value can also be improved, and they can also bring rich logistics profits as one of the website revenue channels. Although the C2C website expands the logistics business and the Internet information service scores in different fields, it is beneficial to the long -term development of my country's C2C e -commerce network. In particular Business connection.

  2. It is said that the resources of the same city in the same city are very powerful and the background is strong. When the red flower is endorsed by Yang Mi, it can be seen that in general, many websites are not profitable at the beginning. When opening the market, it may be free.

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  4. General advertising is a part, which is the high cost of the top of the merchant information. The top is that the information of the merchant will always be displayed on the headline.

  5. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčadvertising positions.
    is the same as sending information newspapers for free now. You spend 10 yuan for advertising.

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