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  1. The central bank's push digital currency has a breakthrough significance:
    In the era of financial technology, for the sovereign state, the best way to practice the right to issuance of currency countries is that the sovereign digital currency issued by the government and the Central Bank of the central bank Essence The central bank's launch of digital currency has important breakthrough significance.
    D digital currency launched by the central bank in my country, it does not refer to digitalization of currency under the currency system, but based on new Internet technology, especially blockchain technology, to launch a new crypto electronic currency system. This is undoubtedly a game Major changes in the currency system.
    It reportedly reported that the central bank's digital currency will adopt a dual -layer operation system, that is, the People's Bank of China first exchanged digital currencies to banks or other operating institutions, and then these institutions were exchanged to the public. In the process, the central bank will adhere to the centralized management model: the central bank does not preset the technical route, does not necessarily rely on the blockchain, will fully mobilize the market forces and achieve system optimization through competition.
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    In fact, the central bank's digital currency is very different from electronic payment in some functions. In the past, the capital transfer of electronic payment tools must be completed through traditional bank accounts. The "account coupling" method is adopted. The central bank's digital currency is "account loosening", which can be separated from the traditional bank account to achieve value transfer, which greatly reduces the degree of dependence on the account of the transaction link. The central bank's digital currency can be as easy to circulate as cash, which is conducive to the circulation and internationalization of RMB, and can achieve controllable anonymous.
    The foreseeableness is that the era of digital RMB is about to come. Digital RMB is based on national credit and legal digital currency issued by the central bank, and it will have a great positive impact.
    For commercial banks and other financial institutions, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. In the future, more digital credit, digital assets, and digital liabilities will be derived based on digital currencies, not sovereign "digital right currency" It will gradually cool down. In addition, after the issuance of digital currencies in the central bank, it can improve the efficiency of monitoring of currency operation and enrich monetary policy means.
    Ifly the statutory digital currency of the central bank will make it possible for data creation, bookkeeping, and flowing data to become possible. After data desensitization, in -depth analysis through technical means such as big data, and for currency investment and monetary policy The formulation and implementation provide useful reference and provide useful means for economic regulation. At the same time, the central bank's digital currency can also provide help in anti -money laundering and counter -terrorism financing.
    In short, the People's Bank of China launched digital currencies, whether it is domestic or international, is a major monetary system change.

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