2 thoughts on “How to make the virtual machine ISO image, what is the difference between the image of Ghost?”

  1. Didn't express the virtual machine clearly? ISO? These are two things in different areas. The virtual machine is a virtual computer software, ISO is a CD -ROM image, GHOST is the system recovery software
    . For example, ISO is just a CD -ROM image, it can be a system installation disk, a music CD, a game can be a game CD -ROM, etc., you can look at it as a CD and make a lot of ISO software. For example, Winiso
    The virtual machine is virtually available in your computer. Software recovery system, this file can also be encapsulated in ISO, just like a system starts with Ghost files and GHOST.EXE programs, startup programs, etc.

  2. The virtual machine ISO image can be a lot on the Internet,
    iso can be started and installed with virtual optical drive. Ghost mirror can only use the corresponding GHOST software to restore the system

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