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  1. Speaking of this price -earnings ratio, people love it and hate it. Some people say that it is very useful, and some people say it is useless. So is the price -earnings ratio?

    . Before sharing how I use P / E ratio to buy stocks, I will share with you the list of bull stocks that the agency is worthy of attention in the near future. It may be deleted at all times. The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked. Intersection Intersection

    . What does the price -earnings ratio mean?

    What is the price -earnings ratio? That is to say, the market price of the stock is divided into the price -earnings ratio by the ratio of per share, which clearly reflects the time required from investment to recovery costs.

    It this can be calculated: P/E ratio = price per share (P)/Earlier income (E) = Company market value/net profit

    I find an example to analyze it, go public The company has a stock price of 20 yuan. 20 yuan is the cost of buying it. In the past year, the earnings per share were 5 yuan. It means that the company needs 4 years to earn back the money you invest.

    The lower the price -earnings ratio, the better, the better the investment value? No, the price -earnings ratio can not be applied at will. Why do you think so? Then the following specifically said ~

    . The price -earnings ratio is high or low? How much is reasonable?

    Due to the different price -earnings ratios of the industry, the development space of traditional industries is generally not very large, and the price -earnings ratio is not very high. However, high -tech enterprises have strong development strength, and investors will give it A high valuation, so the price -earnings ratio will be higher.

    The friends have to ask again, which stocks with potential stocks are unknown? The list of stocks of the leaders in various industries I stayed up late. I was right for the stock selection and selection. The ranking will be automatically updated. , Suggestion collection!

    How is the price -earnings ratio reasonable? The characteristics of each industry and each company have been explained above, so it is difficult to say that the quasi -P / E ratio is more suitable. However, we can use the price -earnings ratio to make a strong reference for stock investment.

    3. How to use the price -earnings ratio?

    . In general, there are three types of price -earnings ratio: the first point is to discuss the company's price -earnings ratio in previous years; Strongly contrast between them; the third use is to analyze the company's net profit composition.

    If you think you are very troublesome to study yourself, there is a clinic platform here for free. According to the above three methods, you will help you evaluate whether your stock is overvalued or underestimated. As long as you enter the stock, you need to enter the stock Code, you can get a thorough shares report in the first time: [Free] Is your stock overestimated or underestimated?

    It I think that the most managed method is the first one. Due to the limitation of space, I will take everyone to share the first method here.

    The people who are interested in stocks know that the price of stocks will always be difficult to guess. No matter what stocks, its price is always floating. In addition, for the same stock, it is impossible for the price to fall. When the valuation is too high, the stock price will be reduced. Correspondingly, if the valuation is too low, the stock price will rise. That is, the stock price always fluctuates around its inherent value.

    On the basis of our discussion, we might as well take XX stocks as research objects. How much is the price -earnings ratio of XX stocks? In the past ten years, it has exceeded 8.15%, which means that XX stock price -earnings ratio is currently lower than 91.85%in the past ten years. The stock is undervalued, that is, the stock price of this stock has been underestimated, and you can consider buying.

    bought stocks, but all of them are all one -time investment. How to buy stocks in batches? We will teach you next.

    Is we use XX stocks to explain that now his price is more than 79 yuan, and your principal is 80,000. You can buy ten hands and buy it in 4 times without having to finish it at one time.

    In the past ten years of price -earnings ratio, realizing 8.17 is the lowest value of the price -earnings ratio in the past ten years, and the price -earnings ratio of XX stock at this time is 10.1. Then you can divide the P / E ratio range of 8.17-10.1 average into 5 intervals, and buy it once every time a corresponding interval is reduced.

    . For example, when the price -earnings ratio is 10.1, buy the first stroke, the price -earnings ratio fell to 9.5 to buy 2 hands, and when the price -earnings ratio fell to 8.9 Enter 3 hands, buy 4 hands when the price -earnings ratio drops to 8.3.

    This do not have to worry about the issue of holding shares after starting. As long as the price -earnings ratio drops to a range and buy it according to the plan.

    . If the price of the stock rises, the high valuation is divided into one place, and the stock in the hand is sold in turn.

    The Answee time: 2021-08-20, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

  2. P/E ratio = stock price/earnings per share

    For example:
    603600 Yongyi shares closed at 57.48 yuan, the yield per share in the first quarter was 0.284 yuan, which was equivalent to 1.136 in 4 quarters a year. Yuan, then the dynamic price -earnings ratio = 57.48/1.136 = 50.6

    000333's closing price is 22.78 yuan, and the earnings per share in the first quarter were 0.61 yuan, which was equivalent to 2.44 yuan for the 4 quarters of the year. Then the dynamic price -earnings ratio = 22.78 yuan /2.44 yuan = 9.3

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  4. How to calculate PE (P / E ratio), which teacher can use a specific example of the basic purpose of the simple moving average is smooth original price data. The moving average is achieved by eliminating some unstable fluctuations in the original unstable price. Then, you can refer to the easier to understand SMA cable instead of directly viewing the closing price line. Come. You take a fringe and throw it to a franc

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