4 thoughts on “What happens if the dollar is no longer international currency?”

  1. If this assumption is established, the United States will become a nightmare country. First of all, the United States will have severe inflation. After the US dollar is no longer the international currency, the US dollar is not worth it. The United States will import energy at a higher cost, such as oil. The cost of oil consumption in the United States has increased, and it directly pushes the United States to inflation. Of course, for countries like industries such as the United States, the living manufacturing industry is a serious shortcoming, and it is also necessary to import high prices, and inflation will be worse.

    Secondly, the U.S. unemployment rate will increase significantly. The US dollar is not a world currency, and the US financial industry relying on the strong US dollar will seriously collapse. The US financial industry is an important support for employment in the United States. The financial industry fell. The U.S. unemployment rate will naturally increase significantly. The most important point is that the United States may fall into a serious social turmoil. High -inflation, coupled with the high -loss rate, the people do not talk about life, workers, farmers, intellectual elites, small business owners, etc. Those who have hard work have to come out of trouble. The most terrible consequence is that in order to transfer economic conflicts and social contradictions, the US government may fight everywhere and affect the stability of the world. Therefore, after the US dollar lost its strong currency status, the world must prevent the United States from provoking war.

    The United States is a federal country. Each state has its own laws. Once the federal system collapses and the government fails, the states will be independent and issue their own currencies in order to protect themselves. As a result, the debt of the dollar is avoided to avoid bankruptcy in its state due to national credit bankruptcy. Once the United States collapses, the huge nuclear weapon library will face the worst nuclear diffusion since the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Terrorists and extreme countries around the world will look for nuclear weapons that can be bought in the United States.

    If the nuclear power printing machine loses its international currency status, the strong benefits of the old and beautiful people can only make money by removing laziness, hard work, and hard work. This will definitely be uncomfortable for the long -term respect, plunder, and laziness of the robbers and wicked genes. The support of the huge army must also lose weight.

  2. The country's economic system will collapse. Since then, it has declined from the camp of the world's power and gradually declined.

  3. It is likely to lead to inflation, which leads to an appreciation of the renminbi, and the exchange rate of the US dollar exchange may be reduced.

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