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  1. Rating or real estate tax pilot levies are "boots landing." There are three reasons:

    . At the time of one, 3400 points, the state suppressed real estate and did not clearly care for the stock market. R n. The national team started to rescue the market at the current point, and the government also clarified that this point should "protect the interests of investors";

    . The property market is not regulated. The measures are played, and there will be many problems with the property market without regulation, such as construction quality problems, weak infrastructure problems, waste of land waste, and economic bubbles. rnrn 综上,股市将在第二轮楼市调控后大涨,根本原因是热钱又大幅度流入,我说过股市涨是这样几波:第一波是保险、社保、 There are funds with vision; the second wave is hot money, which is also the most fierce wave; the last wave may be the fund that retail investors and poor; now it seems unfortunately said that if it rises violently, it will inevitably eliminate the hot money to eliminate the hot money and it will inevitably be eliminated. Rigid policy, if you do not participate now, and then face a serious chasing situation, it is likely to die.

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