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  1. It is the golden group of the ice crown fortress.
    The golden group is a term commonly used in World of Warcraft and similar online games, that is, to obtain loot and work rewards through the currency transactions in the game, commonly known as G group. The golden group is a distribution method. The dropped items are bought and sold in the way of shooting gold or fixed prices. In the end, people or bosses with high bids obtain the item. After the event, the total income is allocated to the team to work or the team owner.
    Introduction to the ice crown fortress

    The ice crown fortress is built with Saronite. The powerful legion, blocking their dark lords and those enemies seeking to eliminate him.
    The team's copy of the ice crown bastion, which is only part of the area. It is added in version 3.3.0 in "World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King". It contains 4 floors and 12 leaders. The peak of the film.
    If the same version, three continuous team copies of the Frozen Halls are added to the same version, which constitute some parts of the area. The room at the entrance of the Frost Hall is set to a refuge, which can be found on the northwest side of the upper wall of the ice crown fortress.

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