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  1. I. Basic Description of QQ Restaurant
    1. ingredients
    一 ingredients are a necessity for making dishes. They need to be purchased in the store. After buying, it will automatically sell in the restaurant. Insufficient ingredients can cause meals by friends, and also affect the sales of restaurants. To sell a dish, the restaurant needs to prepare the ingredients first so that the chef can cook. Qq restaurant promotion map
    2. Cai
    QQ restaurants combine the four major cuisines with Chinese characteristics, namely Sichuan cuisine, Lu cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, and Hunan cuisine. When the user enters the first time, you can choose a cuisine and cannot be changed.
    3. Recipes
    Thenes in the restaurant's dishes in the restaurant, and the consumption of ingredients.
    4. Employment
    The employment is divided into: employment system NPC and hired friends. By employment, you can add waiters and chefs to your restaurant. The higher the employment level, the higher the profit bonus and the daily salary.
    5. Decoration
    The decoration can beautify your restaurant and make your restaurant more affinity. Commonly used objects are also purchased by decoration.
    6. Learn management
    You can learn different dishes in your friend's restaurant. The learning management interface will list the names and progress you are currently studying.
    7. Expansion
    You can increase the area of ​​the restaurant by expanding the restaurant. Different levels, the area of ​​the expanded area is different. The specific data is as follows: the level of the expansion area consumes gold coins
    level 8 × 9 2000
    level 5 × 9000
    level 7 × 9 × 9 × 10 22000
    level 8 × 10 30000
    10 × 11 64000
    level 11 × 11 90000
    level 13 11 × 120000
    14 × 12 × 12 × 12 250000
    16 × 13 300000
    17 level 13 × 13350000
    Glass 19 × 14 500000
    Grade 14 × 14 600000 n 22 level 14 × × 14 × 15 700000
    23 level 15 × 1500000
    25 × 16 1200000
    26 level 16 × 16 1500000
    28 level 16 × 17 2500000 n 29 level 17 × 17 × 17 3000000

    8. Experience
    Each experience of experience increases, the corresponding level will increase the level. Portal of experience: 1) Sales dishes: level value = experience value; 2) picking up garbage: each picking up a garbage increases 10 points of experience.
    9, experience and level
    level experience
    level 3-4 level 8000
    level 4-5 level 20000 n level 50000
    6 6 Level-7 level 90000
    level 7-8 level 150000
    level 8-9 level 200000
    level 9-10 level 260000 n level 10-11 level 320000
    11 Level-12 level 380000
    level 12-13 level 520000
    level 13-14 level 650000
    level 14-level 750000
    level 15 -16 level 980000
    16 Class-17 level 1100000
    -level 17-18 level 1400000

    10. Gold coins
    gold coins are virtual money circulating in QQ restaurants. You can buy ingredients, objects, etc. Gold coins: 1) Sales dishes. 2) Rice: Determined the number of gold coins obtained by the meal according to the number of friends and the number of friends.
    11. Dining
    The new update content on August 26. Meal refers to a main dish and a meal for guests. The speed of eating is unchanged. The price of the meal is as follows: the cost of the type of type
    icons 0.7 gold coins 1 gold coin
    Soda 0.7 gold coins 1 gold coin
    green tea 0.7 gold coins 1 gold coin
    ) Supplementing meals can continue to supply meals 2) When the ingredients are consumed, you need to add ingredients to continue to consume meals. 3) side dishes will not consume the service time of the restaurant
    The edit this paragraph 2, "QQ restaurant" gameplay description r
    1. Place the tables and chairs, objects
    The left -clicking table and chair and objects that need to be operated will appear a "rotation" logo. You can rotate into a satisfactory angle according to your wishes. Left -button dragging tables and chairs and objects can move them.
    2. Decoration beautification restaurant
    The enter the decoration interface, select a satisfactory furniture or decoration, move to the restaurant, adjust the placement of the furniture, and click "OK" to complete the decoration.
    3. Expansion of restaurants
    It can increase the area of ​​the restaurant by expanding the restaurant. Different levels, the size of the expanded area is also different.
    4. Rice
    When a friend meets the requirements of the rice, the "rice bowl" logo will appear behind the name of the friend. Enter the friend restaurant. Buttons, click to eat meals. You can get a certain percentage of gold coins. After the announcement on July 1st, the upper limit of the meal daily was 50,000 gold coins. Qq restaurant gameplay with Figures
    5. Study cooking
    You can go to a friend's restaurant to learn other cuisine cooking skills for free. Each friend restaurant can only have 3 players to learn at the same time. In the process of stealing learning, it may be reported or expelled by other players, so remember to recall in time.
    6. Put the garbage trouble
    enter the friend restaurant, the "garbage put" button will appear under the interface, click the "garbage" in the friends restaurant, each player restaurant can only be placed at most 8 8 Packing "garbage".
    7. Hiring friends
    Below the game interface, there is a "hire friend" button, click to enter the employment interface, the name of the friend who can be hired by you (if the friend is the internship level, the price is the price is the price is, the price is the price is the price is, the price is the price is the price is the price. 5000, no profit bonus, 1%bonus every 6 level, that is to say, level 6 bonus is 1%, level 12 bonus 2%... As the level of yourself or others changes, the daily salary and profit of yourself or others The bonus also changes, the daily salary and profit bonus have nothing to do with the number of hires). In addition, the list also includes the system NPC players (NPC players have two, namely Xiao Feng and vinegar. The daily salary of NPC players is in Before level 6 and after level 6, there will be changes. The price of level 6 is the price of novice. The price is: Sister Xiaofeng 2000 gold coins, 0%profit bonus; 3,000 gold coins in vinegar, 1%profit bonus. And after level 6, level 6. The daily salary of Sister Xiaofeng and vinegar is 8,000 gold coins and 9000 gold coins, respectively. Hired friends or NPCs can be arranged as chefs or waiters.
    8. Supplement of physical strength
    When you hire a friend to be an employee, there will be a situation of insufficient physical strength. When the physical strength is 0, the employee will stop working. Click on the image of a friend to enter the replenishment interface.
    In this paragraph III. "QQ Restaurant" common questions and answers
    1. How to get the experience qualification of QQ restaurant?
    The QQ restaurant public beta is hot, and the application can be added directly to the QQ alumni. You can also invite experiences through QQ yellow diamond aristocracy.
    2. Why can't my QQ restaurant be played in space?
    n QQ restaurants are only open in alumni in the early stage, and QQ space only allows all users to open yellow diamonds. And allowed all users to invite two users every day.
    3. How to operate QQ restaurants?
    The basis for the operation of QQ restaurant is to sell vegetables, and you can get gold coins and experience by selling dishes. The process of selling vegetables is as follows: 1) To sell a dish in the restaurant, you need to learn first. You need to pay in your restaurant, and you can learn the art for free to go to a friend's house. 2) After learning the dishes, you need to buy ingredients in recipes. 3) After the restaurant has prepared ingredients, the chef will cook. 4) The meal can be sold when prepared. Give meals with the main cuisine for guests.
    4. Where did the waiter come from the food?
    The ingredients in QQ restaurants can be purchased directly through the recipes of the restaurant, or the fruits and products harvested by some crops of agricultural pastures.
    5. How to use ingredients in QQ farm hash?
    Stilows that are harvested by farm pastures can be processed into ingredients. When you buy ingredients in recipes, you can choose to use the fruits and products harvested by agricultural pastures to process. It is necessary to meet the following conditions to successfully process: 1) There are ingredients related to ingredients in the farm pasture warehouse. 2) The amount of gold coins in the restaurant is enough to use the amount of the amount of ingredients after using the farm hasn ingredients. 3) The amount of ingredients is greater than equal to 1 farm ranch crop.
    6. When the horn is dug, do the owner get gold coins?
    Is when a friend's physical value is 0, friends who are hired can choose "job change" or be dug by other friends. The original owner will not get gold coins.
    7. What is the maximum limit for each person to throw garbage for friends every day?
    The temporary restrictions on throwing garbage, up to 8 piles of garbage in each friend's restaurant (including restaurants to entertain the natural garbage caused by customers).
    8. What is the upper limit of the experience of helping every day?
    The upper limit of the daily restaurant is 1000 points.
    9. Can the restaurant be re -selected after the restaurant is opened?
    It temporarily does not support this function. When registering, select the restaurant's cuisine, restaurant name and personal image cannot be changed, please choose carefully!
    10. Is there any difference in choice of different cuisines?
    The different places are different: 1) The selected vegetables in the registration are the main cuisine, which can be learned directly at the recipes of their own recipes. Other cuisines must learn from the friend's house. 2) Different clothes given by each person when opening the restaurant (the same value).
    11. Can the restaurant of Sichuan cuisine be decorated into Cantonese cuisine?
    style support changes can be operated directly in the decoration, which has no impact on restaurant operations. Other cuisines can also be replaced.
    12. Is there an upper limit in the decoration in the restaurant?
    has no specific limit for the time being, which is subject to the entire restaurant's operating area.
    13. What is the speed of the customer generated?
    The speed generated by customers is related to your current level, the number of restaurants, the number of restaurants, the number of tables and chairs, and comprehensively judge the above values.
    14. My restaurant does not come in. Why?
    The most important possibilities: 1) If there is no ingredients, the chef will not cook. The ingredients can be purchased in their own recipes. But the premise is that you have learned this dish. 2) The decorative items blocked the door, and customers could not come in.
    15. Can I learn in a friend's house in a row?
    Mo study at the same friend's house twice in a row.
    16. Is it deported to study in a friend's family?
    Muctible to find out how much this dish is learned in the time of learning and art management. Just learn the rest of the progress next time. After being found to be expelled, 50%of the progress has been deducted after being expelled.
    17. Can the restaurant be closed and do not open?
    It temporarily does not support this function, the default is the state of no guest when the dishes are sold.
    18. Is there a way to hire friends permanently?
    It temporarily does not support this function. After the friend is hired, the maximum working time in the restaurant is 24 hours, divided into the first 12 hours and the last 12 hours. 1) In the first 12 hours, the initial physical strength of friends can be maintained without physical strength 0. 2) After 12 hours, you can extend your time by feeding (the physical strength is 0 during the period, and it may be snatched or hopped by other friends). 3) After 24 hours, no matter whether friends have physical strength, they will leave the restaurant and return to the talent market. 4) After the friend left the restaurant and returned to the talent market, the original owner could not re -employ in 30 minutes.
    19. How do you check which friend you are hired?
    The prompts in the system message, "Which friend are you hired." However, the news only supports the latest 50 pieces. If there are more than 50 pieces of information, it cannot be viewed.
    20. Is there a way to keep yourself from being hired by other friends?
    It temporarily does not support this function. I will not be hired when I am a friend's school!
    1. Can the restaurant invite friends to open?
    Yes. Each alumni player can invite 10 friends, and the invited players can also invite 10 friends.
    2. What is the friend relationship in the restaurant?
    n QQ restaurants can only be interactive in space or alumni. It may also be possible to exist in the class or delete the problem that friends have not been synchronized in time.
    3. How do I not let other friends come in for help?
    It temporarily does not support this function.
    24. What is the relationship between farm and pasture and restaurant gold coins?
    The gold coins of farms and restaurants do not communicate with each other.
    25. Is the guests with higher levels different?
    The number and level of guests, the number of employees, the number of tables and chairs, and the higher the level of the restaurant operated by the level will also be effectively expanded.
    6. Can the dishes filled with the recipes be discarded?
    can be discarded by deleting function in the recipe, but the loss gold coins are not supplemented.
    7. How do you know that my dishes are about to be sold out?
    The icon of the alarm clock in the lower left corner of the ingredients can be viewed directly. But this time is just a condition under "current service speed". If employees are increased during the period, reducing tables and chairs, etc., may bring extension or reduction of service time.
    8. What does it mean that a picture is always emerging from the customer's head?
    1) Thumbs facing up: Happy normal meal 2) Thumbs down: No normal meal 3) Table: After lack of tables, you can't find a place to leave. 4) Money: Sit in the position and wait for 5) Clock: Sit down for a long time and wait for too long
    29, how can I prevent being ticked?
    The ingredients to the restaurant in time will not be rice.
    30. How many times can every friend's house be meal?
    It each time the meal is coming, it can only be once, but the next opportunity can still eat rice.
    31. Can you invite friends to the restaurant for dinner?
    It now do not support inviting friends to eat in the restaurant. The speed generated by customers is related to your current level, the number of restaurants, the number of tables and chairs, and comprehensively judge the above values.
    Edit this paragraph 4. The opening method of "QQ Restaurant"
    1. The yellow diamond user who has opened QQ restaurant games: each QQ number can invite others to open each day each day. 2. All users of yellow diamonds can be opened in QQ space. All users who have already opened yellow diamonds can now invite friends to open the game! (Users who have opened alumni restaurants If you want to open a space restaurant, you can also open it at present! ) 3. Users who have opened alumni to click on the QQ panel alumni icon 3 times in a row to get the Qualification of QQ restaurants. After obtaining qualifications, you can open it. Avatar must be reviewed and joined the class.
    Edit this paragraph 5. "QQ Restaurant" make money
    (1) Shorten time
    In the case of your time and the same ingredients as others, if you want to make more money Shorten ingredients consumption time! Take a simple example: the same dish, time is different: (set the total profit of 10000), A friend is completed in 1 hour; B friend is sold in 3 hours. So within 6 hours, A earns 60,000 gold coins and B earns 20,000 gold coins. So shortening ingredients consumption is extremely important! The key to shortening time is the method of tables and chairs. To do: reduce the service of the waiter, but increase the customer walking journey. And to reach the balance point, the waiter cannot be stuck in one position, nor can it excessively extend the customer's time. If the waiter is stuck in one position, it will cause: the customer is waiting for a long time. It is the least way to waste ingredients. If the customer's time is excessively extended, because the frequency of the customer does not change, there will be no tables. Customers are gone, and it is not good. Of course, it will not cause any losses to the restaurant.
    (2) Stepping dishes
    The fastest upgrade method Putting method: Put the table in the first row of the stove, and then set it casually. Will be sitting, refreshing, and found that they are still making money and rising experience. Advantages: No need to invite multiple employees, fast efficiency, no employee and a chef at level 0 to 10. A waiter and a chef need to be needed at level 10 to 20. No matter how big your restaurant expansion requires 10 chairs. Disadvantages: The picture will be fixed (the restaurant no longer shows the operating status), and the employee invite less and less (the so -called increase point is the staff percentage of employees) P.S: If you want to make money faster, please hire friends with profit bonuses.

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