1 thought on “Is it illegal to return the commission?”

  1. Legal analysis: It is clearly shown that the contract is not illegal to account for accounts; the secret rebate is illegal.
    The legal basis: Article 116 of the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China Article 116 Insurance companies and their staff shall not have the following behaviors in insurance business activities:
    (1) deception insured, insured Or beneficiaries;
    (2) the important situation of concealing the insurance contract related to the insurance contract;
    (3) hinders the obligation of truthful notifications stipulated in the provisions of this Law, or induce them to not fulfill the provisions of this Law. Inform the obligation truthfully;
    (4) Give or committed or given the insured, the insured, and the beneficiary insurance contract agreed or other interests other than the insurance contract agreed; Obligations for compensation or payment of insurance premiums;
    (6) deliberately fabricated the degree of losses of insurance accidents, fictional insurance contracts, or intentional exaggeration to exaggerate the loss of insurance claims, deceive insurance premiums or get other improper interests ;
    (7) misappropriation, interception, and occupation of insurance premiums;
    (8) Entrusted institutions that have not obtained legal qualifications to engage in insurance sales activities;
    (9) Personal incomplete benefits;
    (10) Using insurance agents, insurance agents or insurance assessment agencies to engage in illegal activities such as fictional insurance intermediary business or fabrication and surrender; 11) damage the business reputation of competitors in a way to fabricate and spread false facts, or disrupt the insurance market order in other improper competition; Human business secrets;
    (thirteenth) violating other actions stipulated by laws, administrative regulations, and other behaviors stipulated by the State Council's insurance supervision and management agencies.

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