Guangdong Beida Jade Bird: Organizational structure of the basic computing function of the blockchain?

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  1. As the Internet does not develop, consumers' awareness of blockchain technology and digital virtual currencies is also increasing.
    Today, let's take a look at the structure composition of the basic computing method of blockchain technology.
    The following java courses/Let's take a look at the specific situation together.
    The basic elements that constitute the computing technology are storage, processing and communication.
    The large hosts, PCs, mobile devices and cloud services all show these elements in their respective ways.
    The special component blocks within each element to allocate resources.
    This focuses on the large framework of the blockchain: Introduce the modules of each calculated element in the blockchain and some implementation cases of each module, bias to the summary instead of detailed explanations. rn区块链的组成模块以下是去中心化技术中各个计算元素的构件块:存储:代币存储、数据库、文件系统/blob处理:有状态的业务逻辑、无状态的业务逻辑、 High -performance computing communication: Data, value, and state connection network storage is used as the basic computing element, and the storage part contains the following configuration blocks.
    token storage.
    Cular currency is the storage medium of value (such as assets, securities, etc.), and the value can be the copyright of Bitcoin, aviation mileage or digital works.
    The main role of tokens storage system is to issue and transmit tokens (with multiple variants), while preventing events such as multiple payment.
    Bitcoin and Zcash are two "pure" systems that only pay attention to the tokens itself.
    Itta has begun to use tokens to various services to realize its ideals as a global computing center.
    This in these examples are used to operate the internal incentives of the entire network architecture.
    It tokens are not internal tools used by the network to promote their own operation, but instead use it as a higher -level network incentive, but their tokens are actually stored in the underlying architecture.
    The example is ERC20 tokens like Golem, running on the Ethereum network layer.
    The other example is ENVOKE's IP authorized token, running on the IPDB network layer.
    The database is specifically used to store structured metadata, such as data table (relational database), document storage (such as JSON), key value storage, time sequence or database database.
    The database can use query such as SQL to quickly retrieve data.
    The traditional distributed (but centralized) databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra usually store hundreds of TB or even PB -level data, and the performance can be written millions per second.
    SQL's query language is very powerful, because it is distinguished from the implementation of the specification, so that it will not be bound to a specific application.
    sql has been applied as a standard for decades, so the same database system can be used in many different industries.
    It in other words, we must discuss generality outside Bitcoin, and do not have to talk about Turing.
    It you only need one database, so it is simple and convenient to expand.
    Streterers are also very useful. We will discuss specific discussions in the section of "decentralization".
    is a decentralized database software, which is a dedicated document storage system.
    This based on MongoDB (or RethinkDB), inherited the latter's query and expansion logic.
    but it also has the characteristics of the blockchain, such as decentralized control, tampering and token support.
    IPDB is a supervised public example.
    In the field of blockchain, it can also be said that IoTA is a time series database.
    File system/blob data storage.
    This systems are used to store large files (movies, music, big data sets) of directory and files.
    IPFS and TAHOE-LAFS are decentralized file systems, including decentralized or centralized BLOB storage.
    Filecoin, Storj, SIA, and Tieron are decentralized BLOB storage systems. The same is true of ancient and outstanding. Although the latter uses the P2P system instead of tokens.
    The Ethereum Swarm, DAT, SWARM-JS basically supports the above two methods.
    A data market.
    This systems connect data owners (such as enterprises) with data users (such as AI startups).
    . They are located on the upper levels of the database and file system, but they are still the core architecture, because countless data applications (such as AI) rely on such services.
    ocean is an example of protocol and network, which can create a data market based on it.
    The data market for specific applications: for the encryption market, Datum is used for private data, and it is used for the Internet of Things data flow.
    This processing to discuss this basic calculation element next.
    The "smart contract" system usually refers to a system that processs data in the form of decentralization [3].
    The subsets with two different attributes: no state (combined) business logic and status (sequential) business logic.
    The statelessness and state are huge differences in complexity and verification.
    three decentralized processing modules are high -performance calculations (HPC).
    The business logic without status (combined) business.
    This is an arbitrary logic that is not retained inside.
    It in terms of electronic engineering terms, it can be understood as a combined digital logic circuit.
    The logic can be manifested as true value tables, logical schematic diagrams, or code with conditional statements (if/then, and, or, not, etc.).
    Because they have no state, it is easy to verify large -scale stateless smart contracts, thereby creating large -scale verified security systems.
    n input and an output requires O (2^n) calculation to verify.
    The cross ledger protocol (ILP) contains the Crypto- (CC) protocol in order to clearly mark the combined circuit.
    cc is well understood, because it has become the Internet standard through IETF, and ILP is widely used in various centers and decentralized payment networks (such as more than 75 banks).
    cc has many independent versions, including, Python, Java, etc.
    , Ripple and other systems also use CC to support combined business logic/smart contracts.

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