The difference between virtual card and physical card

The difference between virtual card and physical card

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  1. The difference between the physical card and the virtual card includes four aspects, which are the variable accounts, different uses, different processing speeds, and non -overdraft.
    Differential one: Account number variable
    Stocks are bundled together with real user credit cards, providing a variable 16 -digit account for mesh transactions, instead of allowing real credit card information to be in the network between networks. Give way.
    Differential: Used times
    The account number of virtual cards is used at one time, and some can be recharged and continued to use it for people's shopping or trading behavior on the Internet.
    It because the transaction cannot see the real account, even if the retailer's database is attacked by hackers, it can avoid the leak of the account.
    Differences three: Simple speed is fast
    The virtual card is not as complicated to do physical cards. You only need to fill in the information online. The bank approval will give the virtual card number.
    Differences Four: Do not overdraft
    The virtual credit card is an overdraft credit card, but a pre -stored VISA international credit card. The card can apply for a different amount of US dollar credit between $ 1 to $ 500 according to the customer's needs.
    This information:
    virtual account number refers to a function provided by banks or third -party platforms, allowing you to get a lot or even infinitely even unlimited card number without opening a new card. Used for online shopping.
    The role of virtual card
    . For example, you need to consume on a website that looks a little suspicious, and do not want to expose your real credit card number, for fear of being stolen in the future, you can use the virtual card service to generate a one to generate a one The virtual card number, after using this virtual card after use, can avoid being stolen in the future.

    or for example, if you want to try a subscribing product for free, the website requires entering the credit card information to be tried. If you are afraid of forgetting to cancel in the future, you can give them a virtual card number It is automatically deducted.

    or for example, you are hacked with the card number in a merchant, but still want to use the credit card (maybe it is completing the card opening reward or it may be the high proportion of the merchant's return on this merchant), then You can use virtual cards to continue shopping here.

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