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  1. The kinetic energy formula, where K is the English word of sports (), E is energy (Energy). Therefore, EK itself means kinetic energy and does not involve formulas under the conditions of relativity. But the latter 1/2*MV^2 is the form of Newtonian mechanics. The formula under the conditions of relativity is:

    ek = mc^2*[1-v^2/c^ twenty one]

  2. EK is a young lady's clothing brand.
    EK women are elf shuttles between modern and self, and are women in the new era in the workplace and life. Comfortable, elegant, simple and self -confidence is synonymous with EK. It perfectly interprets the sweetness and elegance of commute women. Comfortable fabrics and capable silhouettes satisfy their interpretation of independent personality. EK's sweet details of the Korean style are best to show their weakness and pleasant. Attitudes those who are full of temptation and sometimes weak and pleasant. Life and dreams are in their own hands.
    The urban women who are 22-38 years old, elegant, confident, fashionable, and intelligent. The price is in line with you,

  3. Enemy Kill -referred to as "Unlimited EK", which makes the overclocking connection to lose all points. Throwing the target into Enemy's site was killed by Enemy every hour, and the loss of 10 points will be lost until he/her exit permanently. Light novel "Accelerating the World" term

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