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  1. China Health Equipment and Equipment Center. (Center for Hygiene-SUPPPLIES and Chemicals)
    The notification of the Ministry of Health and the National Development and Reform Commission in 2004 " Disease Control Document No. 108) "", put forward uniform, higher, and more scientific requirements for laboratory construction and laboratory equipment of the disease prevention and control centers at all levels in the country, local, and county.
    This is a programmatic guidance file. In order to cooperate with the implementation of Disease Control of the Health Office of 2004, the leaders of the Ministry of Health, the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and other relevant departments have strongly supported the establishment of the "Health Equipment and Equipment Center".
    The basic tasks of "CHC" are:
    The implementation of the "People's Republic of China to Promote the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements" and the Party Central and State Council's "Decision on the Development of High -tech and Industrialization", through advocating and promoting society The dynamic alliance and organized industrialization collaboration are promoted to the optimized configuration of productivity elements.
    The organization and implementation of high -tech industrialization, the rapid industrialization of excellent high -tech achievements, creating ecological conditions and environment to commercialization, to improve the contribution rate of the scientific and technological industries in the growth of national economic growth, ensure a comprehensive balance of socioeconomic and economy Sustainable development, pioneering exploration and practice.
    The above reference: Baidu Encyclopedia -CHC

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