1 thought on “A 100 astronaut RMB, you can go to the bank to write less RMB”

  1. 100 aerospace commemorative banknotes, go to the bank to change 100 yuan
    This Chinese aerospace commemorative banknotes, which is a commemorative banknotes based on the theme of aerospace issued by the People's Bank of China on November 26, 2015. The functions are the same, and the value of the same face is circulating.
    The main color tone of commemorative banknotes is blue. The pattern includes Oriental Red One Satellite, Shenzhou No. 9, Tiangong No. 1, and Chang'e Satellite. Appointment methods include online appointments and on -site appointments. November 10, 2015 (from 0:00) to November 25 is the appointment period. The exchange period is from November 26 to December 16. There are no more than 10 for each person.
    This is the fourth commemorative banknotes issued since the founding of New China, and it is also the first commemorative banknotes with aerospace themes, so it has attracted much attention.

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