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  1. Many shareholders and friends have already understood the expectations of stock speculation. Stocks pay attention to the performance of listed companies, but stock speculation not only depends on the fund's fundamentals, but also need to look at the technical side. As long as it is technical, most people are not unfamiliar with MACD indicators, but the usage of KDJ is very generated. For friends who want to be a short -term, the importance of KDJ is self -evident. Today, we analyze what the KDJ indicator is, and how do we use this technical indicator to improve the fault tolerance rate of our short -term operation. Before starting, you may wish to get a wave of benefits-the selected bull stock list of the institution is released. Do n’t miss it if you pass by: [Telling the Secret] The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked, and the speed-speed terminal! Intersection Intersection
    . What is KDJ?
    kdj indicators can also be called random indicators. It is composed of three curves of K -line, D and J line. The line is to quickly confirm the line. Line D represents the slow main trunk line. The so -called J line represents the bright and dark line. The floating range of the K value and D value is 0 ~ 100, and the J refers to fluctuate in the range of less than 0 or more than 100, which can fluctuate in a larger range. KDJ is used to judge the trend of the short -term market.

    . What are the practical skills of KDJ?
    1, how much is the parameter set?
    Generally, (9,3,3) appears at the default parameter of the KDJ indicator system, but it is such a parameter settings. The frequency of KDJ's fluctuations in the Japanese KDJ is very frequent. Not to mention that there is time to keep up with operation. Therefore, investors involving ultra -short -term are recommended to choose the following parameters in accordance with their own needs:
    (1) The parameters are (6,3,3): While the frequency of changes becomes higher, then then, then then, then then, then then, then then, then then It is also more convenient to find the buying point and selling point;
    (2) The parameter is (18,3,3): The sales signal is not only more stable, but also the continuous and sensitive indicators;
    (3) The parameter is (24 24 3,3): It is more suitable for mid -line investors to choose from, and the fault tolerance rate will increase.
    2, how to use KDJ to operate individual stocks?
    The 50 as the midline, we can also determine the comparison of the two parties at this time according to the relative size of the three values ​​of the KDJ. Once the three values ​​of the K, D, and J are greater than 50, this also confirms the multiple parties. The power is very strong; if these three values ​​fluctuate around 50, it means a multi -short force balance; if the three values ​​are below 50, it can indicate that the power of the aerial power is still very strong. It is divided into three operations: K, D, and J are below 20 and will be divided into oversold areas, called buying signals; if it is 80 or more 80 is a hovering area, suitable for watching.
    can also learn the following forms:
    (1) Golden fork and dead fork: Assuming that the three values ​​of K, D, and J are less than 50, and the J and K lines break through D at the same time. In the line, it means that KDJ forms a golden fork, which means that it can be added that day, but if the three values ​​of K, D, and J are greater than 50, but when the J and K lines are worse than the D line, it means that KDJ will die for death. Fork, to say that in detail, it is necessary to reduce the position at the high high, weaken the risk of callback.

    I we can see the golden fork formed by the yellow circle to KDJ from the picture, so it is suitable for buying on the same day. At that time, investors need to reduce positions to avoid losses caused by high callbacks.
    (2) Disposter and departure: When the stock is on the rise, but the corresponding KDJ indicator appears when each item is weak, it forms the form of KDJ's departure. Investors remember to reduce positions and avoid the risk of callback. The rough form is as shown in the figure below:

    When the stock price is in a downward trend, the stock price is still constantly innovating, but the corresponding KDJ indicator 1 When the top of the top is high, this shows that the form of the KDJ bottom departure has been formed. At this time, investors can intervene at low, focusing on the follow -up trend of individual stocks. The general form is shown in the figure below:

    In short, the role of the KDJ indicator is just a judgment market. It is necessary to accurately judge the trend of individual stocks. Many factors such as the trend of the broader market and the timely affairs policies in the market should also be judged. There is really no time to study a friend of a stock. You may wish to click the link below, enter the stock code you want to know, and conduct in -depth analysis [free] to test your current valuation location?
    . The advantages and disadvantages of the KDJ indicator
    kdj indicators have the advantages of very sensitive stock price changes. You can use it as a reference standard for short -term operation. However, because the indicator's response is too sensitive, sometimes buying or selling signals will be issued prematurely, resulting in investors' errors in operation. So how can we find the timing of perfect trading? Is it still useful for pure manpower technology? Try to click on the link below, AI intelligent judgment timing of sale, no hesitation: [AI auxiliary decision-making] Capture of the sale time

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  2. In general analysis software, the default parameter of the KDJ indicator's system is 9, 3, and 3. From the perspective of actual combat, there are frequent fluctuations, too sensitive, and more invalid signals for the daily K -line KDJ indicator set by this parameter. This indicator does not have much use value. But in fact, if we modify the parameters of the KDJ indicator, we can find that this indicator still has better effects on the judgment price trend. According to the experience, one of the following values ​​of the KDJ indicator of the Japanese K -line has a better use effect: 5, 19, 25. Users can flexibly set the parameters of this indicator according to different stocks and different time periods

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