2 thoughts on “How to play ETORO, is it fast?”

  1. There are many products in the ETORO platform, Hong Kong -US stocks, funds, metals, and so on. I am the gold that I invest in ETORO. Some people say that gold has no dividends. Needless to say, people who understand naturally understand. As long as you register on the official website, you can perform metal transactions on ETORO after opening an account, which is very convenient. There are many types of products on ETORO, and the market is accurate. The ETORO platform is safe and reliable. I have basically played various stock investment on ETORO. It is more assured.

  2. It's too inconvenient, there is no restriction on the deposit in the gold. When the deposit is issued, you will say that various documents are not complete. Rejection of your gold application
    The application will not be approved several times. I don’t know if there are channel complaints.

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