3 thoughts on “What software is ETORO?”

  1. 2016 traders best foreign exchange investment trading platform-ETORO platform

    * 1,000 global financial products, 5 million global investors online communication online, $ 72.8 million includes Ping An of China, etc. Investment of venture capital;

    * The first gold reward is as high as 40%, which is directly deducted;

    * free one -click to copy the world's top investment great gods;

    * Time to get the money in time, pay for ten minutes of money, cooperate safely, multi -country supervision, funds are safe;
    n* 180 million online transactions, 80% of follow -up transactions are single transactions are single transactions are single transactions. The profitable transaction with the great god can also be quickly achieved;

    has become an e -votes star trader who has been served as the order, which can allow many traders in the world to follow you to make orders. The funds of funds are not worried about no customers! 2016 very ideal, practical and challenging trading platform

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