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  1. 1. PA means that it can delay 4-8 times,
    2, PA , which means that it can delay the skin of the skin about 8 times the dark time. Long sun protection time, suitable for long -term outdoor use. PA means that the skin can be delayed 2-4 times the dark time.
    3, UV () refers to ultraviolet rays, divided into vacuum, short waves, medium waves, long waves, ultra -long waves. Ultraviolet rays refer to the total name of the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum from 10nm to 400nm radiation.
    4, SPF (SUN FACTOR) refers to the sunscreen coefficient, the English abbreviation is SPF, which refers The energy required for erythema to generate the same degree of energy required for erythema required to produce the same degree on the skin without any protection. In short, it is the time multiple of the skin to resist ultraviolet rays.
    5, SPF50 PA indicates the sunscreen index of the product. The first SPF50 refers to under the conditions of the laboratory, the product can absorb more than 98%of the medium wave ultraviolet
    algorithm formula (50 50 -1)/50*100%= 98%
    Note: The meaning of SPF and PA values ​​in different sections
    SPF20 = (20-1)/20*100%= 95%, which means 5% The ultraviolet rays will still be exposed to the skin;
    SPF 30 = (30-1)/30*100%≈ 96.67%, that is, about 3.33%UVB ultraviolet rays can be irradiated on the skin.
    It can be seen that the protection gap between different SPF value products is not large.
    6, PA said algorithm
    pa (PFA value 2-3): Delays 2 to 4 times the dark time.
    pa (PFA value 4-7): Delayed 4 to 8 times the dark time.
    pa (PFA value above 8 or 8): Delayed more than 8 times the black time.
    . Different from SPF, the PA value is one more number, and the protection ability will have a multiples of growth. Therefore, the more the number of the PA value, the better. rn扩展资料rn隔离霜正确的涂抹方法rn1、两颊rn首先,利用指腹选取适量的隔离霜,在额头、鼻尖和下巴处各点一点,而The cheeks have two points for each point. Then, use the sponge from the inside to the outside to slowly push the cheese cream.
    tips: The highest part of the cheeks is more vulnerable to the influence of the sun and pollution. First of all, you must be isolated at the cheeks, because the isolation is not completely unscrupulous.
    2, nose
    In the sponge, push the cream in the nose where the nose is pressed, and spread from top to bottom, from the center to the outside.
    tips: The nose is a relatively easy place for oil, so the amount of cream should be appropriately reduced, especially for the nasal parts, just use the corner of the sponge to gently scan it at 2-3 times. Can.
    3, chin
    This cream should be pushed out of the sponge push cream by drawing a circle, and pushing the color on both sides from the middle.
    tips: After coating the chin, use a sponge to gently apply the part of the chin and the neck. In addition, you can make a simple isolation on the neck.
    4, the eye
    The application of the cream by pressing is pressed. In the lower eyelid, it extends from the eye to the corner of the eye.
    tips: If there are small wrinkles on the corner of your eyes, you can use your fingers to gently lift it, and then apply the cream with the corner of the sponge. The place can also protect the skin from harming the skin when applying a cream.
    5, hair edge
    The surrounding area of ​​the hairline, you can use a sponge to gently press to color. In the corner of the mouth, open your mouth first, and then use a sponge to gently apply the cream.
    tips: Pay attention to controlling the direction of the smear, otherwise it will easily cause the barrier to apply it into the mouth. When applying a cream, the small parts are the deadly dead ends of isolation. Therefore, after applying the cream, remember to check the place where the hairline is checked, such as small places behind the ears.
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  2. 1. PA means that it can delay 4-8 times.
    2, PA means that it means that it can delay the skin of the skin about 8 times the dark time. Long sun protection time, suitable for long -term outdoor use. PA means that the skin can be delayed 2-4 times the dark time.
    3, UV refers to ultraviolet rays, divided into vacuum, short waves, medium waves, long waves, ultra -long waves. Ultraviolet rays refer to the general term of the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum from 10nm to 400nm.
    4, SPF is the sunscreen coefficient, which refers to the energy required to generate minimum erythema on the skin with sunscreen protection. It is the time multiple of the skin resisting ultraviolet rays.
    extension information:
    People with general types of skin should be 8-12.
    2. For people with sensitive light, the sun protection index value is appropriate for 12-20.
    3. Sensitive skin should choose sunscreen products or physical sunscreen containing titanium dioxide.
    4. For office workers who are in contact with the sun on the way to get off work, the sun protection index value is below 15, mainly to face sunscreen.
    5. When playing in the wild and swimming, the sun protection index value of the sunscreen is above 30. It is best to use waterproof sunscreen skin and skin care products when swimming.
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  3. PA = ANT UVA (UVA protection) is a standard for determining the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays (mainly UVA) blacking the skin. More, the better the anti -UVA effect.
    uv is the abbreviation, which means ultraviolet rays. UV includes UVA and UVB. They are two different ultraviolet rays. The UVA band is relatively long, which can cause damage, aging and even skin cancer to the skin. The UVB band is relatively short, which can cause sunburn and skin damage.
    SPF is an English Sun Factor, that is, the sunscreen index. How much the SPF index is to resist the length of the UVB.

    For example: If you do not apply sunscreen, you will basically be sunburned at about 15 minutes. (Specific time should be appropriate because of person), but if you apply SPF30 sunscreen, then you will not be sunburned in about 15 minutes × SPF30 = 450 minutes.
    Extension information:
    Newest precautions:

    1, 2 mg of 2 mg per square centimeter is the standard for testing value. To reach the nominal sun protection value, you need to apply this amount. Generally, if the size of the face is calculated, there will be a amount of a dollar coin size.
    2, if you lean against the window, and open the window. It is recommended to apply sunscreen. Especially the sunny weather. If you are in a dark place in the room, of course, you don't need to apply it all the time. The reason is: UVA can also penetrate the glass. The ground can also reflect ultraviolet rays.
    3, the physical sun protection is stable and safe, but the refreshing degree is generally poor. The use of chemical sun protection is refreshing, but it will have a certain irritation. Many products are combined with materialization now.
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  4. PA means a considerable protective ability, PA means the best protection capacity.

    pa refers to the protection time. A plus number represents four hours, so PA refers to eight protection, PA refers to the 12 hours of protection. UV is the abbreviation of UV prevention in English. SPF refers to the sunscreen index. The higher the sunscreen index, the better the effect. SPFs are generally used according to the strength of the sun. The sunlight is weak. If it is a cool summer, you should choose to make makeup every four hours after 25 hours, or use the 30 barrier cream directly.
    Pucting information: Apply a barrier cream. If you do not remove the makeup and clean it carefully, it will directly cause the skin to be dull and lack of healthy luster, relax the skin, and breed acne. Many ladies like to use a barrier cream, but what is the role of the cream and what role does it not know about it? When it comes to the isolation cream, you have to talk about its origin. In fact, the first products such as the first quarry cream in China are the barrier creams launched by Bianshi. At that time, the slogan proposed was "isolation of ultraviolet rays, isolation of dirty air, and isolation makeup." These three functions have also become the common publicity slogan of other creams in the future, and even in the hearts of many consumers, this is also the basic effect of cream. However, at that time, the cream was only a low SPF -value sunscreen, but this ordinary sunscreen was unexpectedly popular after changing the door of the cream, so there were more and more isolation. Frost.
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  5. SPF refers to the higher the sun protection index, the better, but the greasy it will be more greasy. Generally, it is better than about 15 ~ 50
    PA refers to the protection time for UVA. It means 4 hours PA means protecting UVA 12 hours

    but the actual and theoretical value has a considerable gap
    sunscreen needs to be continuously wiped to give full play to the effect

    UV printing
    The light oil dried with UV (UV) to the printed paper called UV on the light
    UV (UV) has a bactericidal effect.

    I do n’t know if you are clear, satisfied ~~~?

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