What do you think of the old Lao Lai of Shen Teng Ma Li Spring Festival Gala? Have you owed money?

1 thought on “What do you think of the old Lao Lai of Shen Teng Ma Li Spring Festival Gala? Have you owed money?”

  1. Borrowing money is a condition: If you don't return this money, you will not feel distressed and will not forget.

    200,000 can not be collected now. It has been three years, and there is no way. I just blame myself blindly. Human

    The borrowing money is like a humanity, and the human affection is still there. I am an ordinary person, and generally borrowing money is a loved one. If you don't know, you will definitely not borrow without friendship.

    The family members, help each other, without Lao Lai, since I borrow it, I will not find debt, if it is Lao Lai, I can only work once.

    has no kind of "Lao Lai". If you borrow money, you will not pay it back. If you have it, you must have no twice, and your feelings will be defeated.

    This brother has owed me for tens of thousands of years, and has never taken the initiative to mention the money. I mentioned it once, but he always said that he had no money to be nervous. I thought I didn't think about it when I asked me to borrow money at the beginning. Now that I am doing this, I want to understand it too. I wo n’t be next time, and I wo n’t be next time. He is now his wife and children's hot buns. I don't even have an object. This is the case that is too honest. It is always himself.

    M mostly owed money by others, indicating that everyone is kind. Some people often use the weakness of kindness. So people are deceived, Ma Shan is riding! I had a small owe of thousands of ownership. At that time, I was all my family. As a result, I didn't know where to go for seven or eight years? There are also colleagues who are more rich than us, but they are not repaid. I am in the form of a knife. So ah, this is the character.

    Spring Festival Gala, sketch "Not yet back" is the best. As I look at, what do you think of the old Lai? Intersection

    I I couldn't borrow money, because I couldn't say it, because I was rejected before.

    The I borrowed nearly 20,000 to my loved ones more than 20 years ago. The other party never mentioned a word to return me. Why! I can't open the mouth to pay for the money.

    Nowadays, my life is very simple, my son is raised, and the income is not sure ... No one should pay attention to my money bag. I, hahaha.

    Anyway, the years are quiet! Very content!

    did you see a stack of lack of bar? I have! The earliest for nine years, her husband and several buddies sent sand to the site. Each person has three cars, some four or five cars, and no one wants to return money. In the end, I gave my husband to see if I could come back, but I still didn't want to come back in the end!

    Then the father -in -law and their brother made money for others. From the beginning of nine years to several years, to one year, there are few thousand dollars of painting, and more than tens of thousands of dollars living in dry shelf in the construction site, almost all over the construction sites of many developers. Of course, no one was given, and some of them were given, and the rest of the end had no news. Find you to push him, he pushes him, anyway, just dragging around without news. It is clear that you do n’t want it to you, he does n’t give it!

    The no matter what the experts say, how can I cover up the decay under the prosperity, the country has long known this, and has always emphasized that they will pay them on time, and even let them get a deposit. However, there are policies and countermeasures, and they have splurked their reputation by illegal merchants, and they have finished themselves! In fact, this is the fact that every worker knows, so how long can many people ask for a day -to -end, a industry without reputation?

    This is the replica of my friend. After reading it, I asked him to watch the Spring Festival Gala

    The sketch "not to pay back" although reflecting the real situation of today's society, the ending and facts There is no old Lai who can finally "discover conscience" at all.

    is the most useful prosecution

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