costume jewelry wholesale houston texas Do you need to change the graphics card if you upgrade?

costume jewelry wholesale houston texas If you want to change your computer, you are allowed to be too stuck. Does the motherboard need to be changed?

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  1. softball mom jewelry wholesale This configuration model is a bit old, the CPU is the i5 of the 9th generation, and now the latest CPU is already 11 generations. Although it is the 9th generation CPU, the performance has not been eliminated, and it is still relatively mainstream today. No need to change, then the CPU does not need to be upgraded. Naturally, the motherboard is even more impossible to change. The motherboard is only a carrier of the hardware. There is no performance in itself. The motherboard upgrade is just to upgrade other new hardware. And the only flaw of this configuration is actually the graphics card. It is estimated that in order to save money, the performance of the graphics card of this configuration is too low. If you want to play a variety of large stand -alone games, what really needs to be upgraded is the graphics card, but now the price of the graphics card is too expensive, so it is not recommended to upgrade it now, and wait.

  2. wholesale reiki jewelry Because your computer is good because the CPU and the motherboard are good, there is no need to change it again. You only need to upgrade a graphics card, because your graphics card is a bit too bad. Basically it belongs to the level of the bright machine card. At least Change the 1660S level graphics card.

  3. coral jewelry wholesale This graphics card and this set of configuration are not one era.
    It must be that you see the graphics card too expensive, you can't buy it late.
    has started to clean up the virtual coins (although the whole is the Chinese, who makes 80%of the world's virtual currency be dug again). The high -priced graphics card has begun to reduce the price,
    but the price reduction is not large.
    So if you want to change your card, buy a second -hand GTX1660. It will take a while, wait for the 40 series to come out and buy 30 series.

  4. wholesale jewelry and accessories The configuration in the figure is that the graphics card drags the overall performance, and the GT730 is a brighter card. In terms of CPU, motherboard, and memory performance, most of the general user requirements can be met. If it is just a stand -alone game, there is no problem with CPU, sovereignty and memory. Single -machine games only need to run smoothly. If you do not need high special effects, you can consider Upgrade to GTX1050Ti is equally or above.

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