wholesale jewelry stores in china What does "buy short" here if you are optimistic about a certain currency?

wholesale jewelry stores in china

3 thoughts on “wholesale jewelry stores in china What does "buy short" here if you are optimistic about a certain currency?”

  1. upscale jewelry wholesale Investors predict the stock price will rise, but their own funds cannot purchase a large number of stocks, so they pay some deposits first, and use agents to raise funds to buy stocks. income.
    In short -term transactions, if investors determine that a certain securities price will rise, if you want to buy more securities but insufficient funds at hand, you can borrow funds from the securities firm through payment Sell ​​to a certain degree to get the price difference. Because investors buy securities with borrowers' funds and put them as mortgagers in the hands of their agents. Investors have neither sufficient funds nor securities, so they are called short transactions.
    In operation, the short -term transaction includes three main steps:
    ① Investors and securities companies set up account opening contracts and open credit trading accounts.
    ② Investors pay the deposit required to buy the securities dealers according to the statutory proportion. During the financing period, the securities company has control over the securities bought by customers' financing. When the price of financing buying the securities fell, customers should pay the maintenance deposit within the prescribed time, otherwise he can settle on behalf of the customer.
    ③ During the financing period, customers can entrust a securities dealer to sell securities purchased by financing at any time to repay financing principal and interest at the income price, or pay for the financing at any time. If the expiration cannot be returned, the securities dealer has the right to force the liquidation to settle

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