Football of the Day: Givicente v Guimaransniol v St Etienne

France B: Niol v Saint-Etienne

Match time: 23-01-17 03:45 Tuesday

Team status analysis:

Niol recent state obviously warmed up, the current record of four wins, five draws and nine losses, ranked 18th in the league. Although Niol is still in the relegation zone, the team has shown a strong ability to win points since the off-season. Currently, Niol is four points behind the safe zone of Dijon, but if Niol can continue to win points, the four points gap will soon be closed.

Of course, as a team that has been playing in the Second league for many years, the team itself lacks stability, but last season Niol did not have the pressure of relegation, the team finished the season in 13th place, considering that most of the second league teams in the main 4-4-2 formation, with the main players in good condition, In fact, Niol's tactical play is not too backward, and after the World Cup recuperation, Niol players have recovered from injuries, it can be said that as long as the team is normal, at least in the near future is worth a look at the existence of fans.

Football predictions,The last game, Niol away 1-1 with Rhodes to draw, to extend their unbeaten record to seven games. From the perspective of the game process, as the overall strength of the two teams is relatively close, so after the opening of the game, both sides spent a lot of time and players in the midfield of the ball contention, but the two teams in the middle and back of the game under the heavy army, so the possession rate of the two sides is basically a flat state. In the 59th minute of the game, the away team broke the deadlock with a quick counterattack, only to find the goal after Niol began to back down, the result of Rhodes's successive counter-attack, Niol also quickly lost the lead, but after the score back to square one, Niol also made continuous adjustments on the defensive end. The final away game of Niol is hard in Rhodes body to steal a point.

Saint-etienne's performance this season has undoubtedly disappointed many fans. They were relegated last season due to their poor results. However, Saint-Etienne has not only failed to find their form since their arrival in the French Second League, but has fallen to the bottom of the league. Although some key players of Saint-Etienne still choose to join the team in the secondary league after relegation, the original tactics of the team can no longer be used after losing many key players, and the substitute team of Saint-Etienne is relatively weak. It is believed that Saint-Etienne is impossible to compete with other opponents for promotion next season. Even a double drop could happen to Saint-Etienne if the team fails to find the feeling in the second half of the campaign.

It is worth mentioning that Saint-Etienne came to the French second League after doing as in Rome is also a 442 formation, the recent two games the team a draw and a win defensive ability seems to be some signs of warming up, before the team is at home 1-0 small win Lavalle, achieved the first victory after the off-season, It can be said that in this game, St. Etienne is to show their own due level of competition, the whole game down the team in various data levels are far more than the opponent Lavalle, in addition to a few front players still lack the ability to grasp the opportunity, St. Etienne is basically the whole game to Lavalle formed a le suppression, As long as the follow-up matches Saint-Etienne can continue their own form of competition, the team and outside the safety zone of Dijon six points difference is not far away, at least a team just from the French league relegation to the team is unlikely to exist in the relegation aspect of the pressure?

Analysis of the competition:

Saint-etienne has always played in Ligue 1, so the last time the two sides played in official competition was in the 2003 French League, but because of the age and the number of key players on both sides has changed, the previous statistics are not a good guide for this match. Although Saint-Etienne is now ranked at the bottom of the league, but the overall strength of the players is still far more powerful than Niol, but Niol after all is still maintaining a seven-match unbeaten record, and Saint-Etienne although just harvest the first win after the off-season, but in fact, the team's attack is still not a small defect, Believe this game St Etienne is also difficult to take any advantage of Niol, after a hard battle after both sides take a point may be more in line with the recent state of the competition of the two teams.

Portuguese Super League: Givicente v Guimaraes

Game time: 2023-01-17 05:15 Tuesday

Team status analysis:

Givicente has been in a slump this season, with three wins, three draws and nine defeats, ranking 16th in the league. The final ranking of Givesant last season was the fifth in the league, although it failed to grab a place to participate in the Europa League, but the team can still participate in the Europa League competition, but the new season Givesant in the multi-front battle under the condition of record is all the way down, the current team's league ranking has even fallen to the relegation zone position, If Givicente fails to find his form in the second half of the match, the team will not be able to achieve good results in the league this season.

Givesant has won three and lost two of his last five games. In the last game, the team lost 1-0 away to Boa Vista and suffered two consecutive away defeats. From the process of the game, although Givicente's paper strength is still stronger than Boa Vista, but the team in the possession of the ball is still in the underdog, and the home game Boa Vista this game also showed a strong desire to win, and in the 31st minute of the game with a left corner opportunity to break the deadlock. Since then Givesant is also a counterattack, but Boa Vista recovery after the formation did not give Givesant left too much attacking space, the final Givesant in the counterattack fruitless under can only accept the defeat of the outcome.

Guimaraes new season state has been more stable, the current seven wins, three draws and five losses of the record, ranked sixth in the league. Compared with the state of the serious decline of Givicente, Guimaraes still maintains a more stable momentum to grab points, but the overall strength of this team in the Portuguese Super League is only a medium level, so the team is actually difficult to compete with other league teams for the Champions League places, believe that this season Guimaraes probability is only to maintain a league ranking in the upper middle, There is still a chance of a place in the UEFA Cup or Europa League if the subsequent teams can maintain their competition in the stages.

In the last five games, Guimaraes has drawn three and lost two mediocre records. In the last game, the team was eliminated from the Portuguese Cup after losing 2-3 away to Braga. From the process of the game, Guimaraes actually entered the game quickly, the first half of the team has achieved a two-goal lead, but after the half time Braga also strengthened their offensive, but Guimaraes side chose a more conservative defensive posture, the result Braga in the end of the game is three goals in a row. And eliminated Guimaraes in one fell swath.

Analysis of the competition:

Last season, Givesant won one and lost one and Guimaraes drew. In the last ten times, Givesant won four, drew three and lost three slightly prevailed. Although the overall strength of the two teams is relatively close, there are obvious differences between the league rankings and athletic status of the two sides this season, and Givesant's current offensive ability does still exist some problems. So Guimaraes will still have the advantage in this clash, but Guimaraes has been in lacklustre form in recent matches and the team has just been knocked out of the Portugal Cup. Givicente will have the advantage in this match if they can continue their relatively good form at home. Then Givesant probability will be successful at home three points.

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