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  1. How to make small beverage agents develop the road quickly: actively attack, form alliances with manufacturers, choose the market, and refine it.
    This model requires small beverage dealers to have very professional market operation ideas and capabilities. It is suitable for small beverage dealers who have engaged in sales in the enterprise. Development, understanding the market and consumers, so they grasp the more accurate manufacturers to choose what type of manufacturers choose.
    So how to choose a cooperative manufacturer, first depends on the quality of the manufacturer's product, guaranteed quality, and stable quality. If the quality problems occur after three differences, it will have a great negative impact on the market. Secondly, the capacity must be guaranteed, and the out -of -stock situation cannot be disconnected when the market reaches the peak season. The reputation of the manufacturer is also the main consideration. Many small manufacturers often only look at short -term interests. They often make a hammer to buy and sell with the dealers. After getting the payment from this dealer, they will find the next dealer to collect some money. The dealers will be received. The dealers will be received. There is no sense of security. The most important point is that the manufacturer's operation market is unprofessional and requires professional dealers to help them develop the market, so as to achieve a win -win situation.
    In search for the manufacturer's cooperation process, screen the target manufacturer supplier, negotiate with it, and clarify the responsibility of the two parties, sign a cooperation agreement, clarify the sales product series, sales area, logistics distribution, delayed product treatment methods, and product treatment methods to handle their product treatment methods Wait. Determine the product specifications according to the characteristics of market demand, and determine the product price system (terminal supply price, retail price). Formulate market operation strategies, promotion plans, cost budgets, etc., before making plans and planning before beforehand, it can be operated to reduce risks. Because this path involves the knowledge of marketing systems, it is more complicated for dealers who have just entered this industry.
    path 2: Adopt a retail chain model to build a self -built terminal to improve profitability.
    The chain store refers to the retail stores of the same brand of the same brand and services that operate similar products and services. Under the organization and leadership of the headquarters, we will adopt a common business policy and consistent marketing actions to implement centralized procurement and decentralization The organic combination of sales achieves the integration of large -scale economic benefits through standardized operations. Chain stores can be divided into direct -operated chains (direct investment and management) and franchise chain (chain system composed of franchise). The latter is a high -level form for chain operation. At present, everyone is common in retail chain convenience stores, such as Tianjin's generous, 7-11 convenience stores, Su Guo supermarkets in Nanjing, Tangjiu convenience in Taiyuan, Jinan's Ginza, etc.; Necks; tobacco and alcohol chain shops, tea chain shops, etc.
    The retail chain can create channel brands through scale effects, reduce operating costs, and obtain large profits. Compared with traditional distribution models, the early investment is not very large, the profitability is strong, and the collection is easy. After a certain scale is gradually formed, the risk investors can be absorbed through a mature operating model. Through the support of funds, it can achieve rapid expansion. After the scale reaches a certain degree, it can directly negotiate with the manufacturer. Road products, implementation of package sales strategies, can also further conduct OEMs with manufacturers. As a dealer or small and medium -sized investors who just entered this industry, you must first clarify the initial operation ideas and steps of retail chain.
    The project selection
    The man is afraid of entering the wrong line, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong Lang. What type of projects to choose in retail chain stores are very critical steps. Before selecting the project, a full survey of beverage retail chain stores in the area should be conducted to observe and analyze the project types and store business of retail chain stores on the market. The category, specifications and prices of the store in the store. And make full investigations on consumers and find out the characteristics of consumer demand. It is so -called to win the favor of consumers. Consumer research can adopt a symposium, survey questionnaire, etc. Business opportunities to determine the project type.
    The location of the store
    The location of the store determines the quality of the business. The good position is the prerequisite for the prosperity of the store. Few high -end clothing is driving around the campus. Students have no ability to buy, and they have very little demand. The selection of the store location is based on the characteristics of consumer demand around the area around the store. Therefore, before the selection of the store, consumers who respond to the target area conduct detailed research. The per capita income and consumption capacity of consumers, at the same time, compare the rental and related expenses in each region. Determine the location of the store based on their own economic strength and the selection of the category of operating projects.
    In selection of the store when selecting the store, the size of the people in the store, the size of the store, whether there is a green isolation belt in front of the store, whether the parking in front of the store, whether the store is blocked by the tree, etc. can ensure that the details of details can ensure that the store is opened after opening the store is opened. No worries. There was a retail chain store around the store in detail before opening the store, but because there was no wider green belt in front of the store in front of the store, and there was a distance from the streets of the street to the store, the number of passengers after opening was greatly affected.
    The store positioning and packaging
    Profting regional consumers after investigating regional consumers, positioning the store according to the characteristics of the consumer population, whether to follow the popular line or choose high -end product positioning. Compared with traditional individual store stores, retail chain stores have a professional image design, giving consumers a sense of security. The store's image is simple, the color should be conspicuous, and the visual impact is strong. All store decoration patterns and color selection should be neatly planned to ensure the unity of the image and lay the foundation for the brand -oriented operation of the chain store.
    The rhythm of the store to open the store
    The development of stores is easier, but the risk management of stores is difficult. Therefore, before the operation and management model of a whole store, the author believes that the store operators should not open the store blindly to open the store blindly expansion. Otherwise, once the operation is unstable, all investment will shrink greatly. The author recommends that 1-2 stores can be selected to pilot, explore and summarize the successful opening model and management experience, summarize the key points and related details of the operation of the Titian store, and quickly copy it after successful, expand according to the funding situation. During the expansion process, risks are always monitored to maintain reasonable cash flow and reasonable inventory.
    Plip planning and inventory management
    Pehns after the store is opened, the number of purchases in the store should be based on the characteristics of consumer demand. The goods can be adjusted at any time; the manufacturer is directly taken from the manufacturer to order with the minimum order, but the manufacturer is required to adjust the goods to the slow -selling products. In the later period, ordering is based on accumulating sales data.
    The inventory in the store should not be excessive to prevent the amount of pressure occupation, store operators should divide the varieties and specifications, record the sales data in the store every day, make reference for successive ordering in the later period, order more well -selling products. Booking, combined with the delivery cycle, determine the amount of inventory.
    Daily management of stores
    The chain operating store should always pay attention to the store environment, personnel dress and spiritual appearance, daily terms, daily tone goods and other details to ensure that the image of the chain store is as one, giving customers a brand new three -dimensional enjoyment.
    With the development of the new generation of commercial groups, small beverage dealers are new forces for future business development. Most of them are younger and have innovative thinking. This is just a brick -and -mortem. More development paths come from the market. Constant innovation is that small beverage dealers may continue to surpass.

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