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  1. First, WTO accession on Chinas financial instry the great rnrn  Chinas huge, high-speed growth of financial markets and lack of financial deepening, long-term policy to protect Chinas financial sector to foreign financial the immense of trying to a good for Chinas accession to the WTO to enter Chinas financial market has been the focus of their efforts direction. The United States Commerce Secretary William Daley said the Sino-US WTO fell the most crucial questions, such as banking and insurance areas of financial services.rn  April 9, 1999, the United States Trade Office announced the so-called Chinese date for accession to WTO and the United States reached an open market protocol. These measures, according to the United States in Chinas accession to the WTO that it would begin to implement. In fact, these so-called Protocol of the United States in fact just the asking price, of which only the part of complete agreement, other not yet fully reached. The United States Tra de Office announced the so-called Chinas accession to the WTO after the financial markets, the openness of the list, from which we can see that the United States and China, asking for specific financial services instry may be subject to the impact of the extent of:rnrn  (1) Bankingrn  Between the two countries will continue on this project. However, China has agreed to join WTO, US-owned banks to foreign customers can provide all the foreign exchange business. One year after WTO accession, the United States to the Chinese bank can provide customers with foreign exchange business, Sino-US joint-venture banks will be allowed to operate wholly foreign-owned banks will be allowed to operate at 5 years, foreign Banks In Two Years Will Be Allowed to Conct RMB Business at 5 During the year the finance. -Share Market, But the a Shares Should Not Open. The U.S. SIDE Insist that the ope ning of the stock market. For this , China still insists that financial sector must be graal and orderly progress, if we do not do so, it will be further subjected to the crisis in Southeast Asian countries to follow.rnr n  (3) the insurance instryrn  U.S. demands Chinas accession to the WTO, life insurance companies in the foreign ratio can be up to 50%, add a year later, increased to 51%. Non-life insurance companies and companies will be allowed at a joint venture insurance companies hold 51 percent stake, and at two years to set up wholly-owned branch offices.rnrn  With Chinas accession to the WTO will become the truth, China is striving to provide open financial markets to prepare:rnrn  (1) Chinese director has been fixed for the opening of RMB business timetable. Open RMB business faster than most people probably would exceed , in the " future" is very Likely at all laarge and medium-sized city open rmb business.

    (2) add at wto, china Will be the first to open RMB business in life insurance and property

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