1 thought on “What good suggestions do you want to engage in the washing industry?”

  1. As the so -called rules and rules, if you want to engage in the washing industry, you should first ask the relevant personnel to ask for it. After all, industrial washing is different from home washing at home. It is not just as simple as placing cloth on the machine and pressing the button. The following must be done in advance:
    1) Decided which industry to wash, hotel or medical care. Medical and hotels have different regulations. In China, they cannot be washed in the same washing factory. These two different markets also have different challenges.
    2) Make sure that there are customers in this field -this part of resource conditions are better. The hotel and medical market will have different customers and competition in the same city.
    3) Machines, but also emphasize research and understanding machines. A cheap machine may seem the same as the price of high price, but the function and performance are very different. You should consider the cost and life of the machine. For example, the Jensen device is more expensive at first glance, but everyone uses it. Investment returns must not only consider the initial investment, but the important thing is to choose a reliable manufacturer after -sales.

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