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  1. General two-guarantee welding can be 7-15 days.
    If it is difficult to say, the threshold for welding should be lower, and it is better to learn. But the two have their own advantages, each with its own strengths, the key is where welding is and what is welded.
    This welding: It is commonly known as the arc of the electrode. A welding operation is achieved by using the arc high -temperature melting gold components where the gold components need to be connected. The principle of welding is to use arcs to instantly ignite chemical agents to release high temperatures. The center temperature can reach arc welding and buried arc welding for 5,000 degrees Celsius.
    The second -guaranteed welding: It is suitable for the welding of various large steel structure engineering engineering engineering projects for low -carbon steel and low alloy high -strength steel. Welding of thin plates and medium thick plates. The advantage of the second -guaranteed welding is the bright arc welding, which is easy to achieve comprehensive semi -automatic and automatic welding. Generally, naked welding wires are used, arc heat concentration, heat affects small, welding deformation and small cracking tendency to crack welds. Therefore, the welding operation is convenient, the quality of the weld is high, and the comprehensive cost is only half of the handmade arc welding and buried arc welding.

  2. The general welders can basically go to the teacher from three months to half a year.当然,这段时间内学习的主要是基本的一些操作技能,后期想要增加熟练度,还是要靠实际的工作经验去积累,至于最终达到的水平,还是要看每一个人的个人领悟能力以及Level.

    . The skills that welders must have

    1. The basic operation of handmade arc welding The corresponding operation and basic essentials.

    2, the corresponding operation techniques of flat angle welding and vertical welding must be learned.

    3, you must also learn and master the welding method of common metal materials.

    4. You must be proficient in the basic operating technologies of qi welding and qi cutting.

    5. In the usual practice, we must also learn to use the method of adjusting the flame correctly to know the application range of flames in depth.

  3. There are many types of electrical welding. Hand -welded, tadpole arc welding, secondary welding, buried arc welding, gas welding, etc. The simplest thing is the most commonly used handlebar. However, no matter which one is, learning welding must pay attention to excellence. With the increasing requirements of the industry's employees in the industry, how to learn welding is the most critical. So how long do we need to learn to learn welding?

    This welding apprentices: 3-5 years

    general welding apprentices are generally 3-5 years from the foundation to their own operation, because apprentices are through the master and apprentices with apprentices At first, the method was mainly regarded as the main operation, and very few operations, that is, there are very few opportunities for training, and often many apprentices have been confused after many years of learning. Therefore, the study time is relatively long.

    S. Professional schools: For a few months

    Different from apprentices, professional school courses are more reasonable. There are a detailed tutorial on knowing the equipment to the training operation, so it will not waste extra time. This is why many people are more willing to go to school to learn.

    It, the electrical welding industry is a very professional professional, so it requires high practical operation ability. Therefore, if there are more training courses, the time of learning will be greatly shortened.

  4. Hello, I am glad to answer you. I am organizing the answer for you ~

    It generally you can take a week. It takes about one year to learn.

    This welding is commonly known as the arc of the electrode. A welding operation is achieved by using the arc high -temperature melting metal components where the metal parts need to be connected. The basic working principle of welding is through the commonly used 220V voltage or 380V industrial electricity, which reduces the voltage through the decompressioner in the welding machine, enhances the current, and makes the electric energy generate a huge arc heat melting electrode and steel, and the stripes melt melted melting melting melting Make the fusion between steel. The outer layer of the electrodes and CO2 welding spray the CO2 gas to prevent the oxidation of the metal from melting.

    Thank you for your trust. The above is my reply. I hope it can help you and wish you a happy life ~

  5. The majors are different. There are short -term.
    The size of the school, large -scale auto repair schools, general teaching facilities, complete equipment, can meet students' learning operation requirements.
    1. Learning technology can be considered from your own hobbies.
    This to a certain extent determines your work category. If you have a technology, you will develop to the extent. If you are good at, you will get better, and the corresponding salary will be a little better. Of course, if you do not have a particularly obvious technology or return to the strengths, then cultivate technology first.
    2. First of all, consider your hobbies, what kind of work you like, what skills do that job need, and then learn and cultivate.
    3. Considering the development trend of the next few years or 5 years, test it to the popular industries or new industries. The phenomenon of people in the popular industry and new industries will have a shortage of talents in the next few years.
    4. On -site inspection, the school's training equipment, training situation, teaching content, and campus environment answered a detailed understanding before selecting.

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