4 thoughts on “If you have any software, you can directly join the QQ group”

  1. Software plus group is the same as yourself, but the software is only automatically operated by the software. It is definitely impossible to add it directly. It is also necessary to add the owner to agree that you can go in. All your software can be added directly. R n I have a simulated artificially added group to try

  2. As a self -media operator, I am qualified to answer this question.
    This software on the Internet, I also spent money on Taobao. No one is true. The closest is really: the QQ group of others allows anyone to join, no verification is required, and can be added. But it makes sense.

    In you think about it, you can force it forced by Tencent. Someone can break through Tencent's security defense line?

  3. Without such software, don't blindly believe it! Don't need to add a group now, do you want to go in to advertise?
    The thoughts are not desirable, and there is no effect. If you are missing, I will teach you a trick
    that is to make multiple groups by yourself, and then rank. In the future, many people in your industry want to go in
    , will you still lack fans? Do you understand? Intersection Intersection

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