1 thought on “How many Jining Flower Market is there? If you know, let's introduce it.”

  1. The above answers are incomplete and give you an accurate and comprehensive.
    INT has a total of three flower markets. According to the scale, 1. Yangqiao Flower Market and Yangqiao Assets Committee manages retail as the main mid -to -high -end flower, mainly covering 80%of the retail share in Jining City.
    2, Wanhuayuan Flower Market, private management, boss Li operated. It is mainly aimed at the wholesale of flower traffickers in 12 counties and cities in Jining. The grades of flowers are mostly aimed at semi -finished products with lower prices. Flowers are concentrated below 35 yuan, (of course, the quality is a little bit), which is suitable for those with sensitive price.
    3, Anju Flower Market (near Nanwai Ring) boss Guo, who uses Wanhuayuan as a competitor, is mainly wholesale. It is equivalent to buying clothes in the Tai East market.
    It is the market for Xiaoyue River, birds, birds, fish and insects. For ordinary families, especially old ladies and old ladies, go to play on weekends. Because cats, dogs, fish and so on. Flowers are mostly mini green plants and green plants approved from Wanhuayuan. The grade is relatively low, and of course the price is very low. It's the roadside stall.

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