1 thought on “How to say hello to the company's new entry into the company group”

  1. Xinjin company group should say so
    1, Hello everyone, I am a new ***. At present, I am in the sales department, and I will work as a sales director. I will give it to me from today. Combat and complete the annual goal! Not much to say, the red envelope goes. (Sending red envelopes)
    2, hello everyone, I am a new ***, sales department, salesman position, I am a college student just graduated this year, alma mater, Hunan Xiangtan University, marketing major, like sales, very happy Join the big family, I hope everyone will help me in the future, thank you!
    3, ** (referred to as the company), hello everyone! I am a new ***. I have worked for the customer service department and the position of customer service. I work for 3 years. I usually like to climb the mountain and play. If you just like it, we will make an appointment! I just came, there are a lot of unfamiliar places, please give me a lot in the future, thank you very much!
    4, Hello everyone, I am Li Ni, just call me Xiao Ni. Currently holding the position of personnel commissioner in the Ministry of Human Resources. I am really happy to work with everyone. I will change me for everyone in the future. Remember to find me and find me! rn5、 大家好,我是李东,大家可以叫我东哥,程序员,俗称“码农”,我来自广东梅州,客家人,我性格内向,不善言辞,这样的我,还请A lot of tolerance. At work, if you need to help me, please find me. I must go all out. In the future, we will unite and contribute value to the company. Thank you!
    6, brothers and sisters, hello everyone! I am a new colleague from the Quality Department, my name is ***, QC position, I have been working for 8 years, "For quality issues, do not let go of the slightest", it is my work creed, but I am "or wrong" I usually have a rigorous personality and look serious. In fact, my heart is very kind and get along well. Haha ?? In the future, you will understand it. I wish you all a happy day!
    7, brothers and sisters, hello everyone! I am a new ***. Currently in the production department, I have worked as a production manager position. I have been working for 10 years. I have been growing in the industry. In the place, I hope everyone will support it. Not much to say, the red envelopes (send red envelopes)
    8, Hello everyone! My name is Li Minghao, the English name ming, department (design department), post (designer), 12 years of work, I usually like photography and hiking, do you like it? I like it, ask me! I am a single dog, no misunderstanding, please come to me boldly.
    9, hello everyone! My name is Li Li, an English name Lily. I am currently working in the purchasing department. I came to work on the first day of the time. I feel that everyone is full of enthusiasm. I like this atmosphere. I am so happy! I have been working for 5 years. I hope to continue to advance in the position of purchasing. Therefore, I am not afraid of problems. Welcome everyone to ask me. I am willing to grow with you.

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