1 thought on “The operation mode of the catering industry”

  1. First, internal promotion methods. A good -efficient catering company cannot be negligent in the creation of the internal cultural atmosphere of the enterprise. Therefore, internal promotion is to use internal advertising, signboards, POP pictorials, etc. The shop is full of dazzling, and the "food" wind can be seen everywhere. In order to strengthen internal publicity, we can widely organize customers and retain guests.
    It, customer information reporting method. Personate the information of the guests in the form of a statement, in order to provide personalized services to different categories, such as guests' birthday, marriage commemorative, and children's joy. The guests make detailed records of the preferences, taboos, etc. of a certain dish, and the company will send greeting cards, greetings, text messages, blessings, etc. to the day of the festive day. Keep a communication relationship with guests to achieve a loyal support group from "guest" to "friend".
    It, business promotion method. That is, a method of expanding in business is based on the flavor of corporate catering dishes, based on product quality and service quality, seize product and service quality, establish corporate image and reputation, and give every guest who come to dine. Provide superior "personality" services to leave them a good impression and make them a voluntary propagandist of the enterprise.
    If, media promotion method. Today's information is very developed, and it also brings convenience to the catering industry to communicate with guests and closer the relationship with guests.
    What are the catering business model? In summary, in addition to simply propaganda methods, a good catering company needs to use effective means such as advertising to vigorously promote the internal promotion methods and retain guests. In addition, for the new and old customers, the establishment of comprehensive customer information, including the customer's birthday, taste, and preferences, etc. At a certain holiday time, send customers or text messages to greetings. The restaurant establishes a good corporate image and reputation, provides personalized services for each customer, leaves a good impression on customers, and makes customers a obligation propagandist and helps you bring more customers. In the end, you can also use the media, the Internet, etc. to expand the external image and popularity of the restaurant, and closer the relationship with customers.

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