Is it easy to make frozen foods? What do you need to pay attention to? Please give pointers.

I want to open a frozen food wholesale in the frozen wholesale market, but because I haven't done this line, can I do, do you make frozen foods? What are the places that need to be noted? Please give pointers.

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  1. In fact, it has its advantages and disadvantages. It just depends on your good and bad. It is also possible to make fast freezing, because people outside are busy now, and most people will buy such quick -frozen foods in order to save time. However, all you need to do is:
    1. To do the ads you do well, that is, you have to let people know what you do. "Of course you can also save this step"
    2, you have to ensure the quality of your food. Of course, this is for you to open some time in order to let people know whether your food can be liked.
    3. As for what you want to sell, this is not a problem. As long as it is frozen, that is, you can open a shop that specializes in fast freezing, so that others will think of fast -frozen food when you think of frozen foods. Your shop. Only in this way can your store business boil.
    4, where you want to go to purchase is not even a problem. People have to deal with it. You must not be at a low price with you for the first time, but you only need to have more as long as you have more. Go a few times, and get familiar with the boss, the boss will naturally count with you less money ~~
    The last is to ensure that your food is "green food". There will be more and more talents.
    others depends on your own business.
    It can only help you talk about it ...
    In the end, I still hope you will open smoothly and your career is smooth.
    Coluction ~~
    It to work hard ~~

  2. Fish shellfish

    (1) The entire fish

    is frozen method: cleaning before freezing, removing internal organs, gills, and a little salt in the abdomen, treatment Put it on the aluminum plate and cover the plastic wrap, and place it in the freezer to freeze; in addition, can also be wrapped in aluminum foil paper to extend the storage period.

    The thawing method: When eating, put the fish in the refrigerator to slowly thaw or thaw with flowing water.

    (2) Block -shaped fish

    The frozen method: such as salmon and catfish, usually sold in pieces. When frozen, place it on the aluminum plate with plastic wrap, sprinkle a little salt, then place it in the freezer to freeze, freeze it in a full bag after freezing, and suck out the air to save it.

    The thawing method: Put it in the refrigerated room and thaw naturally. If thawing at room temperature, wrap it with cloth or paper towels to avoid wetting the fish from the flowing out of the water; Or bake with a microwave oven and oven.

    (3) Small tail fish

    The frozen method: The tail and one tail are arranged on the aluminum plate and freeze, and then put it in a full bag to save.

    The thawing method: Connecting full bags in hot water to thaw or thaw naturally in the refrigerator.

    (4) Frozen grilled fish

    -frozen method first use salt to grill with an oven, wrap it with aluminum foil paper, put it directly in a full -dense bag Frozen.

    The thawing method: You don't have to remove the aluminum foil, put it directly in the oven, and you can eat it. (5) Shrimp

    -frozen method: remove the intestinal mud first, cut the head and tail at the end, put it on the aluminum plate at one tail, wait for the freezing Save in.

    The thawing method: The refrigerator is naturally thawed. Before frying, put the shrimp with too white powder, put a little more oil, put down the tail and tail, add some rice wine, salt, pepper, fry the fire quickly and cooked quickly. Just accept it.

    Iruna and fruits

    (1) Bamboo shoots

    -frozen method: Cook the bamboo shoots first, cut into thin slices after cooling, and drain dry Water, put it in a full bag to refrigerate.

    The thawing and consumption method: without thawing, just cook.

    (2) Carrot

    Frozen method: See the need for cooking, cut shredded, sliced ​​and then cooked; , Frozen in the aluminum plate, put it in a full bag after freezing.

    The thawing and consumption method: It can be immersed in hot water, or cooked directly.

    (3) Leaf dishes

    -frozen method with hot water, soak them in cold water, cut into appropriate size, drain the water
    ien the aluminum plate and freeze, and then put it in a full bag for saving.

    The thawing and consumption method: You can directly use hot water soup.

    (4) Root class

    -frozen method: After steaming or cooked, pressed into mud, then put into the aluminum, separate the small pieces, wait for freezing After that, put it in a full bag and save it.

    The thawing and consumption method: Take appropriate weight, without thawing, you can directly cook or make salads.

    (5) Strange fruit, banana, watermelon

    -frozen method: cut into small sheets, arranged in aluminum plates, sprinkle some sugar on the surface to prevent surface oxidation, Put in a full bag after freezing, suck out the air and save it.

    The thawing and eating method: Eat it directly, or add milk with fruit juice to make milkshakes.

    (6) Grapes, lychee

    The freezing method: drain the water after washing, put it directly in the refrigerator to freeze.

    The thawing and consumption method: After peeling and eating.

    The meat

    (1) Fresh meat

    The fresh meat bought in the supermarket, most of them are frozen and thaw If you buy it home again, you will lose deliciousness and nutrition. Therefore, you can season or cook before frozen. In addition, when frozen, it is necessary to pack a small amount, so that on the one hand, it is easy to freeze, and on the other hand, as long as the amount of amount of portion is taken out when eating, so as not to thaw large pieces of meat and affect deliciousness. In addition, try to eat it during the preservation period, and can only store up to about 1 month.

    (2) thin meat slices

    -frozen method on the aluminum plate, spread the meat slices, do not overlap, arrange the first layer, then spread it, then spread it. Repeat the plastic wrap and piece of meat for up to three times to avoid difficulty freezing. Put the plastic wrap at the top, and then put it in the freezer to freeze. After the freezing is completed, put the meat slices in a full bag to suck out the air to save it.

    The thawing cooking method: Every time you use it, just take an appropriate amount of weight and place it in the refrigerator to naturally thaw, and you can make cooking.

    (3) Meat pieces

    The freezing method: You can use a high fire to fry first, lock the delicious taste of the gravy in the meat piece. Put on the aluminum plate that has been paved with plastic wrap, place it in the freezer, freeze, and then put it in the full bag, and then save it.

    The thawing cooking method: The refrigerator can naturally thaw. It is important to note that the meat pieces should not be too large, so as not to freeze or thaw the process for too long, affecting deliciousness.

    (4) Meat

    This method: can be cooked in advance, such as burn, stir -fry, after cooling, then divide the appropriate weight, use plastic wrap, When you wrap, you should flatten the grinder, squeeze the air as much as possible, and then freeze it on the aluminum plate. After frozen, put it in a full bag.

    The thawing cooking method: When taking it, take a part of the cooking processing without the need to thaw.

    (5) steak

    This: Sprinkle pepper and salt to taste, then wrap it in plastic wrap, put it on the aluminum plate and put it in the refrigerator Frozen in the middle; after freezing, wrap it in aluminum foil paper to avoid oxidation, and finally put it in a full -dense bag to suck out the air. Thawing cooking method: After the refrigerator is naturally thawed, fry with hot oil or bake in the oven.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am very happy to answer your questions. 1. Frozen business is still easy to do. The key is to see how many in your market. 2. Don't put too much on the goods at the beginning, but the variety must be complete. 3. Various fish ball hot pot balls. There are also quick -frozen dumplings and the like, pay attention to the date of production, and try to press the goods as little as possible. 4. Because frozen foods are also paying attention to the shelf life. As for the supply of supply, I don't know how much you are there, but you can go to other markets to cry there. See where the cars they deliver are from 5. You can refer to my opinion, I hope my answer can help you.

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