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  1. 1. Forum recruitment

    Enterprises can publish recruitment information in the forum, especially some professional industry forums, such as art design forums, or software development forums. Enterprises can in these forums. Publish recruitment information to recruit excellent talents.

    2, WeChat group recruitment

    Enterprises can publish specific recruitment information in the WeChat group of specific industries, which is also a good choice.

    3. Campus recruitment

    Enterprises to work in college students who have just graduated are the most common choices. Through campus recruitment, companies can get better development.

    4, social recruitment

    Enterprises can also publicly recruit employees in the society, such as publishing in newspapers or some obvious places, can recruit talents. rnrn5、招聘网站rnrn在招聘网站上发布招聘信息,是一种最常见的选择了,求职者一般情况下,会首先通过这种方式,来Understand the recruitment intention of the company.

    6, the same city information network

    Enterprises can also choose the same city information network, or websites similar to 58 cities or Ganji.com to publish recruitment information. Can achieve good results.

    7. Internal recruitment of the enterprise

    In internal recruitment of enterprises is also a very common recruitment method of the enterprise. Such recruitment methods have many advantages and are more conducive to the choice and promotion of talents.

    8. Headhunter recruitment

    Enterprises can also select talents through headhunting, but such recruitment methods often need to spend a lot of money.

    9, Lingying

    Couns to recruit employees through an international recruitment website to recruit employees. It is a good choice. Here you can recruit many high -end talents.

    10, remote recruitment

    of course, for enterprises, the best way is to recruit employees through remote recruitment, such as my country's largest remote recruitment website, bell cloud recruitment network It is a good choice that can get a good recruitment experience through the bee.

  2. 500 enrollment, which is equivalent to grab 500 students and 1,000 enrollment, equivalent to 1,000 students.

    Is any question, when will the business group start? When will it be better to start online?

    . I give two examples.

    The people started to establish a call team in June and even July, that is, temporarily pulling up a group of part -time jobs to do customer service.

    Last year, a very professional talk team found me. He said that they had more than 40 people's stable employees.

    . They added WeChat of tens of thousands of parents, and there were more than 10,000 parents who maintained stable interaction.

    This at this time, most of the peers have not prepared autumn enrollment.

    This time is in February. They have been preparing for the autumn moves since October last year.

    The early March of this year, a professional team pushed a team and learned the enrollment fourth ministry.

    . They opened the network promotion background in early March and configured with nearly 50 customer service. For teams like this, their advertising costs a day were more than 30,000.

    The traffic has been rising as time to August, and the daily advertising costs are about 80,000 during the peak period.

    The enrollment for 10 years, I am very qualitative, how to grab students, I repeated for 10 years.

    Repeating is the simplest and most difficult, but the most effective.

    This point, I keep it, there are fewer people who surpass me ...

    Essentially, every student we recruit is robbed from the opponent of.


    The parents and parents we can contact will follow up in the same industry at the same time and join the competition.

    Many times, we have not established a relationship with the parents of the students, and our peers have established a relationship with the parents of the students.

    The enrollment is to grab students ... grab students is the ultimate goal.

    How to execute?

    The first step is to reshape the identity so that the other party can listen.

    The second step, chat, enter the other party's world to understand each other, realize the resonance, and then pull into our world and promote trust.

    The third step, lock customers, grab students.

    The interactive practice after tens of thousands of couples, I found that chatting can pass information, more transmitting feelings, and sorting out the survival of enrollment chat, which is the practice of recording enrollment fourth trips.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. First go to the major recruitment websites to apply for members: a large amount of talent demand, it is best to apply for some websites members, so that you can enjoy the top, ... 2. Then actively call to contact the job seeker: I handled the major big major. Members of the website, although the news spreads greatly, many job seekers ... 3. Then use WeChat public account: The current WeChat public account influence is still good, especially the local large number, there are hundreds of thousands of fans .4 .4. Then use WeChat and other WeChat signals: they specifically publish newss such as recruitment, carpooling, discounts and other news, spread in the circle of friends.nThen it is to go to the talent market: Although the Internet has a lot of impact on ground recruitment activities, it is still crowded in the spring, graduation and other job fairs, so you can use the local talent market to recruit people in the peak season.

  4. Guangsha.com uniformly publishes recruitment information on common platforms.
    The method of recruiting people is as follows:
    1. Go out of the Personnel Department to understand. In the past, we were all recruited when other departments reported to the employment plan. When they proposed, they often could not support it before they reported the demand. At this time, we are all passive, publish recruitment advertisements, collect resumes, and arrange interviews, it takes at least 10 days. This aroused the dissatisfaction of the employment department and believed that we did not have an efficiency. It is recommended to communicate with other departments often, understand personnel changes, ask if you need recruitment, have new business expansion, etc., and make preparations in advance.
    2, the combination of traditional channels and emerging channels. Traditional channels are job fairs, online recruitment, etc. However, these applications are no longer popular in the post -90s. At this time, we need to use more emerging channels, such as: WeChat, Weibo, interactive community, etc. We still recruit positions with high gold content to show their professionalism through formal channels.
    3, internal personnel introduced. In fact, many companies are using this method, and even rewards employees who have successfully introduced new employees. However, first of all, you should pay attention to establishing an excellent corporate culture, people -oriented, and creating a harmonious working environment. The promise with employees must be obeyed and not deceived. In this way, there is a vacancy in the position, and the employees are also happy to introduce people they know to apply. Otherwise, he wants to leave himself.
    4. Accept fresh graduates. Some companies believe that the current post -90s graduates are not reliable, they ca n’t eat hard, they are easy to leave, and they cannot be hired. They must recruit experienceders. These companies often only pay attention to the interests in front of them, and their eyes are short. In fact, the post -90s post -90s spent the same 80s, and it will also become the backbone of society in the future. It is an inevitable trend. If the company's environment is not bad, they will not leave because they care about their low wages. In fact, most companies have signed the contract with them for only one or two years. Since companies do not intend to recruit for a long time, why should new employees do it for a long time? It is our social responsibility to accept graduates from colleges and universities in colleges and universities.

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