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  1. This is the 133rd articles of the home furnishing teacher
    andy's home. At the beginning of the renovation, my parents had noisy tiles or flooring. Andy is the first two.
    It each has its own good tiles and flooring, and it cannot be generalized.
    ▲ tiles, clean and easy to clean, high hardness, wear resistance, strong pressure resistance, but water will be wet and slippery, and elderly people and children need to be particularly careful.
    ▲ The floor has a natural beauty and texture. It has good thermal insulation and can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, but it is not easy to take care of it. The cost is generally higher than that of tiles. (The picture is derived from INS)
    Which one is selected, depending on your actual situation. Regarding how to choose and spread tiles, Andy has introduced it before (friends who have not seen you can poke: the portal), so I won't say more. Today, I mainly want to talk to you about wooden flooring.
    The types of wooden flooring
    New flooring generally has 5 categories: strengthening composite flooring, solid wood flooring, multi -layer composite floor, cork flooring, and bamboo flooring. Many people in the first three are unclear.
    01 Enhanced composite floor
    The enhanced composite floor is composed of composite flooring (trioxide dharma), decorative layer (paper immersed by densely density plates, also called high -density fiber plates), also called high -density fiber plates), also called high -density fiber board) The balance layer (cowhide paper), you can imagine it as a "Shili frame" (if you accidentally eat the attributes of the food, haha), it is more suitable for rooms with floor heating systems.
    (the picture comes from the Internet)
    The advantages and disadvantages: the biggest advantage is wear -resistant, rich in color, strong pressure resistance, simple maintenance, cheap price, but the foot feeling is not good, and the repair can be poor.
    02 pure solid wood floor
    solid wood flooring is directly processed by solid wood. It has the texture formed by the natural growth of wood. The structure is a bit like "pure chocolate". The price of the floor will be more expensive ~
    (the picture comes from the Internet)
    If disadvantages and disadvantages: the touch and texture are very good. If the wood species of hardwood are not selected, the surface layer is easier to scratch and impact; it is not suitable for use in places with large humidity changes, otherwise it is easy to arched.
    03 Multi -layer (solid wood) composite floor
    Multi -layer composite floor is based on multi -layer plywood as the substrate, which is compressed by high -temperature plates that are staggered by high temperature. Layers of prestige cakes ".
    The advantages and disadvantages: good stability, not easy to deform from moisture, but poor abrasion resistance, not tolerated collision, and the gap is easy to hide dirt; because the process requirements are high and the structure is complicated, the quality is uneven.
    (the picture comes from the Internet)
    has three types of solid wood composite flooring, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm. 15mm is used most, visually close to solid wood flooring, and the feet feel is also very good; the elasticity of 12mm is worse, while the 18mm ones are more expensive and are not commonly used.
    04 Cork Floor
    The raw materials of the cork floor are oak bark growing along the Mediterranean coast and the Qinling area of ​​China. , So the price is very expensive ~
    The floor floor has two types: paste (three layers) and lock -type cork flooring (six layers).
    I believe that when many friends hear this kind of wooden board for the first time, they will think it is a very soft floor as Andy. In fact, it is not. Essence
    If and disadvantages: comfortable foot feel, good non -slip resistance, the elderly and children will be safer to walk on it, and at the same time can absorb a certain life noise, but the abrasion resistance is poor, the cleaning is very expensive, the waterproof and anticorrosive nature is It's better to strengthen the floor.
    (the picture is derived from the Internet)
    05 bamboo floor
    The main production materials of bamboo flooring are bamboo, stitching with adhesives, and pressed at high temperature.
    The advantages and disadvantages: warm winter in summer, small color difference, high beauty, mildew and moth, but because it is natural profile, it will still deform with humidity changes.
    (the picture comes from the Internet)
    layout method
    The laying method of wooden flooring mainly includes three types: straight paving method, flat paving method, and high floor.
    01 direct laying method
    If the original floor is flat enough, Andy is recommended to choose a titer, because time -saving and effort: first laying layer of moisture -proof pads or transparent plastic moisture -proof cloth (better moisture -proof pads, and a bit of sound absorption effect ), And then lay the wooden floor plate.
    (the picture comes from the Internet)
    It should be noted that the moisture -proof pads must be paved intact, and each piece is overlapping and there is no gap in the middle. It is between overlapping 20-30cm. (Actually, the moisture -proof cloth is not expensive, it does not need to be too provincial)
    02 Tingfang method
    If the floor is uneven, or the floor that is nail, add a layer of 12mm on the moisture -proof cloth. Layer plates, and then laid wooden floors. Such laying methods are called "flattening methods".
    Most of the multi -layer composite wood flooring and solid wood flooring are used in this method. When laying, you should stick to the glue and fix it with nails.
    03 high floor
    The laying method is high wood flooring. After the moisture -proof pad is paved, add keels first, add 12mm or 18mm multi -layer plate, and then spread the wooden plate plate, The process will be slightly more complicated.
    (the picture comes from the Internet)

    The edge method of wood flooring is roughly three:
    The elastic sewing agent is covered with the telescopic joints of the corner;
    The second type is to use the edge of the edge (after the edge of the edge is installed, you also need to use glass glue to collect the edges), there are T, one -shaped, round, round, round, round, round Arc -shaped, L -shaped styles can also be used at the connection between different materials or different floors;
    (the picture is derived from the Internet)
    The third type is to use the skirting line to collect the edges.
    Generally speaking, the practical glass glue border is sufficient, and the additional edge strips are only aesthetic. It depends on personal needs. It is necessary to pay attention to the construction quality of the workers, otherwise it will really be very bad after staying.
    The questions you might want to know
    01 About telescopic joint
    The wooden plates will swell and shrink (the moisture absorption will swell, the meaning of shrinking when drying), so the expansion joint must be left, so the expansion joint must be left. And it must be used enough to be useful.
    It some owners will ask the joints to be smaller, the better, it is best to be seamless, the surrounding telescopic joints must be smaller, and it will look better, but it is easy to make the wooden floor arched or step on the feet to make a sound. Not only do people need comfortable stretching space, but the floor is also required ~
    The telescopic joints need to be reserved in two places. One is about 8-12mm before the floor and wall. Essence The other is the gap between the plates. The size of the gaps in different substrates is different. Some are about 1 ~ 2mm, and some are close to seamless.
    02 The problem of the floor sound
    The new wooden floor will sound when you walk up? There are four main reasons:
    1, there is no flattelling under the wooden floor, leaving a gap;
    2, the loosening of the board is not closely connected;
    3, the plate is too tight;
    4 The telescopic joints are not left (the principle is mentioned above).
    (the picture comes from the Internet)
    If this case, you can let the master be paved. When accepting the acceptance, you should pay attention to the place where you enter the door. Because these places are relatively easy to produce sounds.
    03 The floor has a high and low difference
    The calculation of the floor height is easy to be ignored by us. This height is mainly to balance the height of the tile and the floor. It is easy to have a high and low difference in unwavering.
    (the picture comes from the Internet)
    If the flat method, in addition to the height of the floor plate itself, add the height of the multi -layer board underneath.
    For example, the height of the board itself is 15mm, the multi -layer board is 12mm, and then the 1mm of the moisture pad is calculated. Then the total height is 28mm (to add ground heating, you need to confirm the height with the construction team).
    04 Simple repair of wooden floor
    Im friends may ask, what should I do if the wooden floor is a little damaged? You can try the method mentioned below first.
    The small scratches of the solid wood flooring can be polished slightly; if it is a multi -layer composite floor, you can push a push like a normal mop of floor wax, not particularly deep traces.
    (the picture comes from the Internet)
    The shops also have floor -selling supplements. After filling, use the paint pen to color, and finally polish.
    If it is a large scratch, it depends on your own degree of acceptance, but because if you want to change, you will not only change the scratch, but also the surrounding one will be changed. Don't change if you don't change it.

  2. Relative to other flooring, the environmental protection and durability of solid wood flooring is the first choice for many household decoration. So how should I choose solid wood flooring? These programs cannot be saved during the purchase process! 1. The merchant should be required to provide the necessary green and environmentally friendly test reports. 2. Find a merchant with high degree of evaluation and guarantee after -sales. 3. But if you look at a family of goods, for the same type of board and different brands of solid wood flooring, I seriously compare the problems, prices and industry professionalism. 4. The contract and invoice must be marked: the size, quantity, price, etc. of wood species, board specifications, etc. 5. On the sales contract of solid wood flooring, write the formal scientific name of the real wood flooring to prevent merchants from being deceived. 6. Before the floor paving, carefully check the wood species, specifications, quantities and size of the purchased wooden floor. 7. Remember, the solid wood flooring is generally paved, so remember not to spend this unjust installation cost. It ’s so much. At present, the better solid wood flooring brands are nature, holy elephant, living home, etc. The proposed you choose the appropriate wooden floor according to the decoration style and preferences at home.

  3. Question: How to choose a wooden floor?
    I personally prefer a provided statement. Please see the following flowchart. After reading it, you should be very clear and know what I want to say.
    1. Select the floor type
    The floor types I listed. This is also a more commonly used floor type: pure solid wood flooring, solid wood composite floor, and enhanced floor.
    It don't want to explain what solid wood flooring is? What is solid wood composite floor? What is strengthening flooring? If you don't know these three kinds of flooring, please check the information quickly to prevent being deceived.
    The choice of floor type, I want to weaken this link, because each type of floor has its value, and no matter which floor is recommended, there will be different sounds to question. I only compare them in the four dimensions of environmental protection, stability, face value, and budget. What kind of floor should I choose, I choose to choose by myself.
    Detailed description:
    1.1, environmental protection: There is nothing to justify, pure solid wood does not contain glue, and the best confirmation of environmental protection is undoubted; strengthening the amount of flooring of the floor is far greater than the solid wood composite floor, environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection Sexual row.
    1.2, stability: Stability is actually divided into two scenarios, daily and extreme situations. The stability of floor stability in daily life is the best; but if a large number of water is soaked in water, the stability of the solid wood composite flooring is better than strengthening the floor performance.
    1.3, face value: For the face value, my ranking may be slightly different from other merchants. I have seen many businesses ranking pure solid wood first, but in my opinion, the surface of the solid wood composite floor is also true. Wood, the surface effect is equivalent to pure solid wood flooring, but the size of the solid wood composite floor can have a larger size and richer surface effect. I put it first.
    1.4, budget: Strictly speaking, floor prices cannot be compared horizontally. Although I put the strengthening floor at the end, it was actually five or six hundred, seven or eight hundred, or even thousands of reinforced flooring. Assume that the size and material of the floor (referring to solid wood and solid wood composite) are in the same position to exclude the brand premium factors, so the price of the floor is the most expensive and the cheapest is strengthened.
    It look at the above narrative. If you have determined which type of floor you use, but you do n’t know how to choose, please continue to read.
    2, how to choose three types of flooring
    2.1, the choice direction of pure solid wood flooring
    2.1.1, environmental protection level: also mentioned earlier, pure solid wood flooring in the production process It does not use glue, so the real pure solid wood flooring is environmentally friendly. Unless the "solid wood flooring" of printed stickers (fake) will use glue, please open your eyes during the purchase process.
    2.1.2. Material: There are many types of wood materials, and those with large amounts are: oak, teak, walnut, elm, Fan Longan, disc, maple, etc.
    In two sincere and important suggestions for everyone: 1. Buy common materials types, such as several types listed earlier; 2. To indicate the origin of the material in the contract (this is very important), such as teak Mu Mu, The most expensive price is Myanmar teak. The price of teak in other places is different from Myanmar teak. To prevent being stubborn, it is necessary to add the origin of the material.
    2.1.3, surface effect (process, coating, color, etc.): The craftsmanship and color of the floor surface can be selected according to personal preferences or styles; There are two types of paint and wood wax oil. UV paint will form a paint film on the surface of the floor. Imagine the surface of the mobile phone or piano. The bright, slippery, UV paint floor is a bit similar (the floor -effect flooring feeling The most obvious); the wood wax oil is permeable and penetrates into the inner pore structure of the wood. There is no membrane -shaped substance on the surface. The paint floor is far better than wood wax oil flooring in waterproof, pollution -proof, and abrasion resistance. In recent years, wood wax oil flooring has become more and more popular. Just like the real wood that feels, the texture of the wood, and the fiber of the wood can be clearly touched. On the other hand, the wood wax oil is more environmentally friendly than the paint.
    The coating brand on the surface of the floor is also very important. Generally speaking, UV paint has a certain taste. Good paint will spread after ventilation after installation of the floor. Later, it also had a pungent taste. There are also the same situation of wood wax oil flooring, and it is also important to choose better wooden wax oil brands.
    2.1.4, size: Due to the large contraction and expansion rate of solid wood flooring, considering the stability factors, the smaller the size, the more stable the floor is.
    2.1.5, the thickness of the floor: The thickness of the solid wood floor is generally 18mm thick, but if it is 17mm thick wooden floor or a solid wood floor below 17mm thick, please pay attention to whether it is a second -hand board. The second -hand plate is transformed by recycled solid wood flooring, so its length, width, and thickness are different from the new solid wood flooring.
    2.1.6, wood level: Many owners do not know that the wood of the production floor is divided into grades. The industry is classified according to the color difference, white edge, scar, and cracks of the industry. Matching production in a grade, they are growing in the four levels of the severity of the color difference, the length and quantity of the white edge, the size and number of scars, the number of cracks and quantities, such as the floor made of AB -level materials, and the color difference is natural. More uniform, there are almost no or less white edges, no obvious scars, no obvious cracks. Of course, the higher the level, the more expensive the floor price.
    Note: The above grades are for reference only. Because the state does not have strict regulations, these standards are only industry standards, and the specific actual situation of enterprises will be different.
    What is this situation? When it comes to it, everything is good. It is very satisfied in all aspects. When I receive the big goods, I am dumbfounded. I always feel that the merchant has sent the wrong goods. In order to prevent this kind of situation, it is necessary to write the level of the floor (the level of solid wood composite floor epidermis) into the contract, and it is necessary to sign the confirmation sample and bring it back to the seal.
    2.1.7, the groove port type: There are two types: flat buckle and locking of the floor groove. The flat buckle needs to be used for glue or chow. Essence Therefore, the lock floor does not need to use glue. This is an additional point in environmental protection. In addition, the overall stability of the lock floor is better than the flat buckle performance.
    2.2, the choice direction of solid wood composite floor
    2.2.1, environmental protection level: The environmental protection level of solid wood composite flooring is relatively complicated, and the environmental protection level standard marked on the market is also very diverse and international? Intersection Intersection National standards, European standards, beauty standards, daily standards, it sounds really tall.
    The formaldehyde release corresponding to these four standards cannot be compared horizontally because their testing methods, detection environment, and detection expression values ​​are different. For a simple example, a 1kg apple is large, or is it a 200ml Apple big? There is no way to compare. More straightforward, the value of the same floor is differently detected by different standards. The less the values, the more environmentally friendly. The current four standard formaldehyde releases are as follows:
    Please note: 1. There is no E0 in the national standard in solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring. The national standard E1 level, the so -called "E0" marked by some merchants is worth thinking about; 2. The European standard is not ascended to the E0, but it is not difficult for us to commonly label "European standard E0".
    I personally think that if the merchant marked the European standard or the daily standard or the beauty standard, it should be detected and issued in accordance with the corresponding detection method. It should be that the bull head is not right.
    The new standards that have been implemented in May 2018 in the environmental protection level of the country standard. Synchronization with international, so if you can reach the national standard E1 level when buying a floor, you can buy it with confidence.
    2.2.2, epidermal material: We know that the solid wood composite floor is only the most precious on the top layer, and the material of the solid wood composite floor is also named after the surface of the surface, such as the surface of the surface of the surface of the black walnut. We call it the black walnut solid wood composite floor. If the surface is oak, we call the oak solid wood composite floor. Material (wood species), we have already introduced the part of pure solid wood flooring (2.1.2), and we here will not be repeated here.
    2.2.3. Surface effect: Because the surface layer of the solid wood composite floor is a precious wood skin (or the epidermis, the wood thin slices) of the precious log, the surface effect of the floor can be equal to the same solid wood flooring, or the pure solid wood floor can be energy. What kind of craftsmanship, color, paint, etc., solid wood composite flooring can also be done.
    2.2.4. Size: We know that the smaller the size of the pure solid wood floor, the more stable. Although the solid wood composite floor has the same reason, the size of the solid wood composite floor is much larger than the pure solid wood flooring. The 1.9 -meter -long solid wood composite floor on the market is very common, and it is not difficult to achieve 2 meters long, 3 meters, and 5 meters long. This large -sized floor is visually more atmospheric than small.
    Is when selecting the floor size, it should be dependent on the specific situation. It is recommended that the small area uses a relatively small dot size and large size when the area is large. Of course, the size and price are directly proportional. The larger the size, the higher the price.
    2.2.5, epidermal thickness: I wonder if you have such confusion, solid wood composite floor with the same size and surface materials, but the price of different merchants is very different? This is likely to be the thickness of the epidermis.
    I once occasionally asked the guests, you need a solid wood composite floor with a thick skin, and the guest answered: 15mm. Obviously, the guest has not learned the epidermis thickness of the floor.
    The common epidermal thickness on the market is: 0.6mm, 1.2mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm.
    The thickness of the epidermis is also proportional to the floor price. The thicker the epidermis, the higher the price. The 15mm mentioned by the previous guest refers to the total thickness of the floor. The correct expression is 15mm in the total thickness of the floor, where the skin thickness is.
    Therefore, most of the low -cost flooring merchants will not take the initiative to tell you how thick the epidermis of the floor is, you need to ask the merchant.
    Is the epidermis thicker, the better? If the stability and price factors of the floor do not consider the floor, of course, the thick skin floor is much better than the thin -skinned floor, whether it is used for a period of use, and the thick -skinned floor can be reinstated after several years or ten years. The surface paint is renewed again to make the floor refresh, which is not done by thin skin flooring.
    If consider the stability factors of the floor, the weather in the north is dry, the humidity of the air in winter is low, and the thicker the floor epidermis, the larger the tension of the surface, the more unstable the floor. Leather floor.
    2.2.6, epidermal level: The epidermis of solid wood composite floor is also divided into grades. See the solid wood floor (2.1.6) section.
    2.2.7, slot type: The slot mouth of the solid wood composite floor is also divided into flat buckles and locks. If the conditions are possible, choose the lock floor as much as possible. Take away the heavy shop.
    2.2.8, total number of layers: solid wood composite flooring according to the number of layers: three layers and multi -layers. It is the three -layer solid wood composite floor and multi -layer solid wood composite floor. As the name suggests, the three -layer solid wood composite floor, the total number of layers (including the surface of the surface) has only three layers, while the multi -layer solid wood composite floor has four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven layers.
    The solid wood composite flooring uses glue to stick a layer of wood thin slices together. Therefore, theoretically, the less the number of layers, the less glue, the more environmentally friendly. But on the contrary, the more stability, the better.
    of course, the price of a three -layer solid wood composite floor is higher than the multi -layer.
    2.3, the choice direction of strengthening the floor
    2.3.1, environmental protection level: strengthening flooring is a special existence. The enhanced floor has E0 and E1 level in the environmental protection level of the national standard. :
    It because the enhanced floor needs to use a large amount of glue, try to buy the E0 -level enhanced floor as much as possible.
    2.3.2, color: strengthening the surface layer of the floor is not the real wood. It is an impregnated paper with a layer of computer printed. It can imitate the color and pattern that can be made of all computers. Therefore, the color of the floor is very many, and you can choose on demand.
    2.3.3, size: The size of the floor can be large or small. As long as it is not soaked in a large amount, it is generally no problem.
    2.3.4, the thickness of the floor: The thickness of the floor has always been: 8mm, 12mm. Homefit is recommended for 12mm.
    2.3.5, wear -resistant rotation: three types of national standards, home 6000 rpm is quite good.
    Please note that the indicator of wear -resistant rotation is only for strengthening the floor. It cannot be used on solid wood flooring and solid wood composite floor. It is meaningless.
    . Our purpose is to not recommend what kind of flooring you use, but tell you all the information and let you choose on your own.
    The weeks that we have not made any merchants or groups. If there is offended, please forgive me! If you have any errors, be sure to enlighten me.
    It, friends and friends, if you have any questions about the floor, please leave a message in the comment area. I will check the information from time to time and reply.
    This answers from the old sister of the resident residents, more decoration strategies, home experience, welcome to live in the app to see

  4. 1. Floor specifications

    In the stability of the wooden board, the smaller the floor size, the better the anti -deformation. To this end, choose a short, narrow solid wood flooring to minimize the bending and twist of the solid wood flooring as much as possible. , Scoop, shrinkage, arch. Floor experts believe that shorter is better than long; narrow is better than width, and cheap and beautiful. But now the market is popular on the market. The wide board is more beautiful and generous than narrow plates. The texture is relaxed and the pattern is complete. Generally, the back of the wide floor should have anti -deformation grooves, and the depth of the groove should be one -third of the thickness of the floor. If it is used for the floor heating floor, it should be thin or thick, usually 8-12mm thick.

    2, the water content of the floor

    The wooden floor water content is tense. The water content of the purchased floor must be the same as the local balance. Buying a floor must measure the moisture content. If there is no water content measurement meter, you will not buy its board. The method of balanced moisture content measurement is very simple. In the exhibition hall, the water content content of the purchased variety is first determined, and then the box is opened to detect the moisture content of the seed wood flooring. Essence

    3, floor material

    observing whether the floor is the same material, whether the surface of the board is cracking, decaying, skin skin, death, insect eye, blue change and other material defects Essence Usually, it is not necessary to be too demanding on color differences, lives, and textures. This is the natural attribute of wood. It is a natural texture with different color and changing, showing the natural nature of solid wood flooring, which is the fashion pursuit of home decoration internationally internationally.

    4. Machining accuracy

    This can be taken out of 10 pieces after opening the box. Whether the mortise grooves, installation gaps, and anti -degeneration grooves are assembled. Observe the bite, the assembly gap, and the height difference between the adjacent plates.

    5. Floor after sale

    The wood flooring manufacturers on the market and uneven quality. It is recommended to choose a well -branded wooden floor. These brand manufacturers will provide comprehensive after -sales service There is also a certain warranty period. It can save a lot of heart.

  5. 1. Do not buy color flooring now: now adding a large amount of color floors is full of markets. This is the reason why the Chinese floor industry is unhealthy. First of all, everyone fights for the price, no profit, and then the quality of the floor. Board charging A -class board, or add 1/3 A -class board to 2/3 B -class boards. Because the B -class board surface has insect eyes, two -color, white edges, scars need to be repaired with putty and color, and for the sake of It can be seen that this is a repair board. Only the color of the board is colorful, and the good ones are also colorful on the slot and the back. After the coloring floor is paved, for a short time, because the surface of the surface is repaired, there will be various problems such as cracking, explosive paint, and if you polish the repair, because the color adds off, your floor will look like Facebook in Peking Opera.
    2. Buying the floor should pay attention to the groove and thickness: these two points are also critical. Everyone knows that the thickness of the floor standard should be 18mm, but there are many 17.5mm floor on the market, but I don’t say that it is 0.5 0.5 The effect of MM flooring will be affected. The key is that the 17.5mm floor is mostly a plate with insufficient thickness or smooth bend plate. The problem will be displayed after paving, which is manifested as arch, corrugated, etc., and the length of the slot is another method of cutting materials for the manufacturer. Because the ground area is calculated in the width and length of the plate surface, the shorter the manufacturer's slot mouth, the shorter the slot mouth of the slot. , The wider it will be, so, he reduces the cost virtually, and he does this, which causes the damage to consumers. The floor groove is short and it is easy to make a sound. Squeak. Avoid the above two ways of deceiving tricks: one when buying the floor, first look at whether the floor texture is clear, whether there is normal color difference, and then let the manufacturer explain whether it is a color panel (color plate) on the purchase list, go back back to go back, go back back When installation, see the floor and apply water on the side. Whether the base color of the board is the same. Put up the two boards together, hold one piece, and the other piece of suspended inclination is 45 degrees. See if the other will fall down. If it falls, it is likely to be insufficient in length of the slot. The floor should be careful, because some manufacturers deliberately make the slot's mouth tightly in order to keep the board from falling, and the normal slot has a certain gap.
    3. Pay attention to the difference between paint: There are generally two PU paint and UV paint on the floor market. You must ask the type of paint when you buy the floor. Do not buy the PU paint floor. It has a high amount of release of benzene and formaldehyde, with a short lacquer life, and has long been banned in European and American countries. As for the UV paint, there are two types, one is ordinary bright surface dumpling UV paint, and the other is rolling UV paint (ultra -wear -resistant paint promoted by some factories). Generally in 2 to 3 years (calculated with a large effect degradation), rolling coating is only another kind of UV paint. Generally, it is matte effect, and the surface is numb. As for the ultra -wear resistance of the paint It is an important point to distinguish between ordinary rolling paint and super -resistant paint to the paint.
    4. Recognize the floor name: No matter what floor you buy, you must let the manufacturers write the floor name on the invoice and sales list. This can also prevent being deceived. Once you find that the name is wrong, you decided to double claims. For example, Teak, everyone knows that teak is a very precious wood, but in order to make money, manufacturers have more similar names such as teak kings (actually picked Asian wood), Barga Teak (actually twin leaf Sumu). Actually They have nothing to do with teak, and the degree of preciousness and stability is far away, but the color and patterns are slightly similar. Here are some scientific names and English names of precious tree species (ordinary tree species do not need) for your reference: Black walnut (American black walnut Walnut) ) Origin in the United States and Canada; teak (teak Teak), origin in Myanmar and Thailand; Maple (Canadian Maple, Tochigi MAPLE) is produced in Europe and Canada; Europe; Cherry (Cherry), origin in the United States and Canada, the above tree species are valuable tree species recognized by countries around the world. Of course, some manufacturers have given their boards such as rural maple, Aegean red cherry, etc. One, the wood producing place and scientific name are clear, and the deception will sue him, at least doubled him.
    do not buy a bag brand product: Nowadays, there are no factories on the floor, registering a brand, getting this manufacturer, the manufacturer to process it, and packaging his own brand. This is terrible. The problem, he will push it on the manufacturer, so that you can't be in a hurry. Of course, he will say that this is no problem in the production of a large factory. The key is that you can guarantee that he will not process it at the same time in several factories? It is more of his intentions in the small factory. The quality is good or poor, the price can be high or low. Finding a manufacturer with lower production costs is the eternal pursuit of Baoding products. Once his product is exposed, he is exposed. He is exposed. As long as you register a sign again, you can go public if you find a manufacturer or do not need to change the manufacturer at all. The contract, when paying the deposit, asked his manufacturer to call, tell him that the floor I set to you, but I want to verify the manufacturer. If you do n’t do it, you want to return the goods to me (write clearly on the sales list). Be careful when multi -layer solid wood composite flooring.
    The difference between German technology, German equipment and German manufacturing in strengthening flooring:
    German technology production, all strengthening flooring can be called German technology, because strengthening the floor origin in Germany, Germany is the main main of strengthening flooring flooring. For producers and equipment suppliers, of course, all floors are the products of German technology. 100%of China's enhanced floor factories can be called German technology manufacturing. German equipment refers to the use of some or part of the mechanical equipment made by German companies in China. 90%of Chinese factories can be called German equipment. The original way of imported from Germany, the way of explanation is that the back of each floor must be identified by the Made in Germany, not the Germany Teach or anything else. Import manufacturers can provide them, if not, is fake), and the price of original imported floors in Germany is generally cheaper than some large domestic manufacturers, because the large -scale production of Germans, the result of pure mechanized production (and this is the result of this (and this is the result of the mechanized production (this and this At one point, only strengthening the floor can be done, and the solid wood and the three -layer solid wood are not good. As for the quality, it is not the same as fake and shoddy products.

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