4 thoughts on “How to add the public account of Huaxia Insurance Company”

  1. How to add the public account of Huaxia Insurance Company
    1. Open the mobile phone WeChat under the conditions of the network.
    2, click the additional number in the upper right corner of WeChat.
    3, click "Add Friends".
    4, find the "public account" below and click.
    5. Enter "Huaxia Insurance Company" and click search.
    6. After finding the public account of Huaxia Insurance Company, click to follow.
    Extension information:

    WeChat (WeChat) is a smart terminal on January 21, 2011, a smart terminal. WeChat was planned by Shenzhen Tencent Holdings Limited in October 2010, and was created by Tencent Guangzhou R

  2. On your WeChat, search for WeChat public account. Enter the unit you said. If this unit has WeChat, searches it out, and just add attention (if you can't search, it means no).
    In the public account and click to follow.

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