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  1. Answer Job Responsibilities: Based on brand positioning and practical hotspots, the production of original articles is independently completed. Capability requirements: Excellent original writing ability, communication ability, and sensitivity of news. New Media Editor: Control the content of the content of the content: enhance the influence of new media channels. Job duties: Selected topics based on brand positioning and hot -spatial planning high communication. There is no need to be original, no management does not require originality, but original management needs originality, but it is required for pseudo -original capabilities: news sensitivity, content control, familiar with platform rules, aesthetic abilitynThank you for your trust. The above is my reply. I hope it can help you and wish you a happy life ~

  2. According to the work content, work attributes, and work focus of the new media operation, you can divide the new media operation positions. The specifics are as follows:

    . And data analysis and understanding of customer needs, and do a good job of product competing product analysis and research;
    2. The IDEA design of the company's new products, tap the company's product selling points, and do a good job of product positioning;
    3. Develop product brand promotion copywriting, Soft text writing of the product;
    4. Responsible for the editing of the content of the product case, promoting the planning of activity documents;

    5. Pay attention to industry regulations, and promptly modify and communicate product packaging copywriting;
    6. Combined with the company The development of the industry, the topic planning of soft text from the perspective of product and consumer.
    copywriting planning.
    Copywriting planning, post responsibility:
    1. Responsible for the establishment, propaganda, maintenance, and improvement of the corporate corporate image;
    2. Carry out market research, analyze market information, and master the status of competitors;
    3. Grasp the existing situation in the market and be responsible for the introduction and implementation of the store promotion plan;
    4. Coordinate the relationship with related news media to prevent and prevent negative reports that are unfavorable to the company; :
    1. Responsible for completing video editing and packaging of promotional videos, Douyin and other video editing and packaging, responsible for the quality of the film;
    2. Responsible for uploading, operation and maintenance related work;
    3. On -site shooting support work Other temporary work explained by the leader.
    If new media editors, job responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the collection and writing of the content of the website, WeChat public account, and other new media platforms;
    2. Responsible for the daily maintenance of the company's website and the new media platform account The content of the website content is updated;
    3. It can independently operate from the media, short video platforms, etc., and has a certain degree of topic planning capabilities;
    4. Responsible for the analysis of the data background data of the public account, and based on data analysis.
    photography/video editing, job responsibilities:
    1, photographing Weibo, Weitao required look, air border, tidbits and other beautiful maps; Video tidbits shot by editing;
    4, coloring and repairing your own works;
    5, other tasks explained by the leader.

  3. New media operation specialist, copywriting planning, short video operation, headline operation, public account operation, Douyin operation, headline operation, content operation, community operation, APP operation, etc.

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