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  1. I. Preparation
    The anchor industry now uses computers and mobile broadcasts to prepare a mobile phone or a computer. Maybe you will use it later. And you must be thick -skinned, not shy, don't worry about the effect of appearing, after all, it is the era of beauty. Be sure to have a thick face and a good mentality.
    . Choose positioning
    Live broadcasting a lot of branches, such as:
    game anchor: gold or technology is good, followed by selecting a good game, it is best to choose the current hot game;
    Talent anchor: singing, dancing, talk shows, etc., this type of anchor is the most, think about it when choosing;
    It food: premise that you want to eat;
    The anchor and other categories must choose one that suits you. This is the long -term of your future live broadcast career.
    . Choose the platform
    If chooses to be a game anchor, you can consider Douyu TV, Huya Live, Battle Flag TV and so on.
    If you choose to be talented anchors, you can consider YY, Bilibili, Douyu, etc. If you choose to be a mobile anchor: Quick hands, Douyin, Momo, etc.
    It is best not to go. Before you go to the platform, you must understand the relevant regulations and plans of the platform. For example, if the newcomer support plan will give appropriate recommendation resources, will there be official support; Is it 1:10 or 1: 100. Be sure to understand first, these are linked to you, don't perfunctory things.

    . The atmosphere of active live broadcast room
    No matter which anchor you choose, this is the top priority. So find a way to activate the atmosphere of your live broadcast room so that you can retain the people who are watching your live broadcast.
    The funny paragraphs and stalks that say/share some grounded funny paragraphs and stalks. Be sure to learn. It is best to innovate on the original basis, because the old stalks and old sections may be tired. The audience who can come in and watch your live broadcast can be happy. After all, the social pressure is so strong now. Looking at the live broadcast is Tu Yile, the picture is easy.
    five, routine
    since ancient times, the routine is popular. If you want a stranger to spend money for yourself, then you must know the routine.
    The game anchor can teach technology, talk show anchor can teach knowledge about talk shows. Singing and dancing anchors can come up with signature songs/dances, or you can add XX welfare groups, send XXX welfare and so on.
    6. Fans with consumption capacity
    Fans can see in the background. You must find a way to retain fans with consumption power, especially the fan brother/elder sister on the list Essence
    The highlands of consumption power are directly added with a private account. Fans with low consumption capacity can build a fan group/WeChat group/platform group, etc., and gather these fans together. Parents of food and clothing must be maintained in the future development.
    . In the end, when the fans are stable, you can pick up advertisements, sell things, transfer red envelopes, etc., but you must remember that you do n’t sell fake goods. If you sell the content of the advertisement, you must be in vain.

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