All construction companies in Leshan

I want to find a job about architecture. Thank you for your help

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  1. Sichuan Dongneng Building Co., Ltd.
    Leshan First Architecture Co., Ltd.
    Leshan Hengan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Company
    Leshan Huaxi Construction Co., Ltd.
    Leshan Construction Engineering Company
    Leshan Huaguan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. )
    Lishan Golden Eagle Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Lishan Jiarun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Shiyuan Building Co., Ltd.
    犍 世
    Jiajiang County Xicheng Construction Company
    Leshan Foxing Building Co., Ltd.
    Leshan Lesheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Yanxian Jiyi Building Co., Ltd.
    Lily Development (Leshan Great Buddha) Industrial Co., Ltd.
    n Iron 2 Bureau Emeishan Activity House Manufacturing Factory
    n n n n n n
    n n 焉 n
    Sichuan Mingda Group Construction Co., Ltd.
    Muchuan County Xianghe Real Estate Development Company
    Lishan Lishan Yiyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Jingyan County Real Estate Development Company ...

  2. Which aspect do you want to do? Cost? construction? It is not necessarily that the construction company is suitable. In addition, the project E searched out of the construction industry in Lishan City, and then see if the company needs a certain talent, you can contact the interview.

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