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  1. Speaking of publicity issues in the education and training industry, Qianjun Media shares some experience. First of all, it depends on which type of training and education you do. Is it for student training or workplace training or business education training. The training of the three categories contains different objects.
    . For student training, it is divided into four categories:
    1, curriculum training, that is, the extra -curricular learning improvement and preparation of each discipline.
    2, interest training, that is, often talking about interest training, vocal, art, sports projects, hosting training, and so on.
    3, studying abroad, generally: junior high school, high school, college students and some adults who want to study abroad.
    4, cultural training, such as Chinese studies, etiquette, inheritance training of intangible cultural heritage.
    . It is divided into two categories for workplace training:
    1, vocational skills education and training, including many categories, management, technology, examination certification, and so on.
    2, academic qualifications and education and training, such as some private learning, college -based counseling, self -study counseling, postgraduate tutoring, and so on.
    three. Business education and training are divided into three categories
    1. Internal training of enterprises, providing various mentality, skills, team consciousness, expansion and other educational training products for enterprise services.
    2, studying class education and training, such as common management skills classes, short training public classes, and so on.
    3, certification training, such as presidential class, EMBA class, etc.
    The educational training above 9 major categories, the learning mode is online remote or offline learning.
    . Promotional paradigm
    It the model of promotion and promotion, the 9 major types of training and education are basically the "star teacher star student (enterprise) dense telephone (SMS)" model for publicity and promotion.
    In the operation process, generally collect the corresponding customer information, and then visit the customer by phone. Third, SMS tracking telephone tracking WeChat tracking. Fourth, customer interview and communication (online or offline), see experience products, customer audition (offline or online audiovisual). Fifth, transactions with customers and enter learning.
    In its own propaganda, we need to establish a website, public account, open an audio -visual communication platform account, and establish an account on self -media platforms such as content public platforms.
    The promotion form is generally used in low -cost audition, or free audition, or issuing free stage courses to promote.
    This generally adopted star teacher stories, star student stories, and major media interviews and reports.
    Is for the media strategy of propaganda and communication, as much as possible when economic conditions permit (key media that customers can contact at high frequency) and densely spread as much as possible. Big data computing technology is used as much as possible on the Internet to accurately put it.
    Procketing operation is also an important promotion model for education and training institutions. Generally, the accumulated students and teachers' resources are used to establish the community. A small number of operators use the community to further business operations, bringing changes in business models.
    These are general routines, which are more suitable, more practical, and more effective. There are many solutions. Qianjun Media first shared here. Thanks!

  2. The question is so big
    1, find some phone numbers, call to ask the needs;
    2, post some messages on the Internet so that people in need can find you (Baidu promotion, etc.)
    3, Make skill tracking for customers;
    4, sign, get money.
    The is also called conference marketing, which is to call people to the venue. Please special trainers to conduct a lecture on a audition.
    The is also the internal training of entering the enterprise.

  3. Sales have nothing to do with the industry, the product knowledge is proficient, the sales skills are cleverly applied, and then they are unremitting efforts. If they persist in the end, they will be able to do a good job of sales.

  4. You can find a school teacher to cooperate to give a certain intermediary fee. The effect is the best. Don't know what kind of education you are.

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