5 thoughts on “Want to do a nanny, where to find a job?”

  1. To find a job for a nanny, you can generally sign a contract with the housekeeping company, and the housekeeping company will distribute it to you. In this way, you can receive the list. You can also sign a contract with some intermediary housekeeping companies, and say hello to several intermediary housekeeping companies, so that more housekeeping companies can sign a list with themselves.

    The second method can also be released online. Now the network has slowly entered the life. There are also more and more people looking for nanny from the Internet, so if you publish your own information on the Internet such as 58 City and Ganji.com, it is likely that users can find you on the Internet.

    It can also be promoted through the strength of your own, for example, let your surrounding neighbors, friends and relatives pay attention to themselves, whether someone needs a nanny to help them help themselves to do it for themselves It is recommended that this is also a good way to receive a nanny list, and this can also receive the list well.

  2. High -energy answers
    First of all, we need to know where to find Yueyue? 1. Housekeeping agencies can not only find nanny, but also find Yuexun. However, the housekeeping center is uneven, so Yueyue must have a qualified housekeeping agency. 2. The confinement center of the confinement center can also find the moon. The moon is more at ease, because the confinement center is originally an institution that provides confinement. 3. Yueyue training institutions Yueyue training institutions can also find the right monthly sister -in -law. After all, many Yuexun is in the job through the training institution.

  3. If you want to do a nanny, you should go to the local labor security department to do a pre -post training. With this certificate, you can go to the housekeeping department to hang up. If you live, he will send you.

  4. Where to find a nanny to find a job, you can go to the housekeeping agency. Or you can also recruit platforms online to find a job.

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