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  1. Whether the capacitor belongs to the sports device needs to be used in use.
    On a bus vehicle for supercapacitors, it is an organic composition of mobile devices. It can be regarded as a sports device.
    The safety issues of super capacitors, because supercapacitors have not been widely used in the consumer electronics field, and lack corresponding industry standards. Therefore, compared with common lithium -ion battery safety issues such as 18650, it is more prominent. In order to improve the efficiency, the ESR of a single supercapacitance is generally at the MΩ level, which means that the short -circuit consequences are very serious (large current). Essence There will be over -temperature, explosion, and burning accidents, and it is a dangerous equipment.
    usually belongs to a capacitor in the field of weak electricity. Except for electrolytic capacitors, it is a safe non -mobile device. The aging of electrolytic capacitors will occur and burst, which will cause failure or damage to electrical appliances such as the circuit board.
    Capacitors, usually referred to as the capacitance of the charge, is represented by letters C.
    Definition 1: Capacitor, as the name implies, is a ‘container“ container ”, a device that is accommodated. English name: CAPACITOR. Capacitors are one of the electronic components used in a large number of electronic devices. They are widely used in the circuit to cross -pass, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning circuit, energy conversion, control and other aspects in the circuit.
    Definition 2: Capacitor, any two conductors (including wires) that are insulated and close to each other form a capacitor.

  2. In principle, it is sports equipment, because the power consumption equipment needs to be used to work without meritorious work. For details

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